Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Personal Style

I hope you all had a simply marvellous Valentine's Day. Mine was spent watching French films, Sex and the City and drinking cocktails with my housemate. Her boyfriend is in a different country. She was in an emotional state. Almost had to stop her from launching herself at a happy couple making out in the doorway of our lecture hall. Emotional stuff.
So today I thought I'd do a little post on my own personal style. Sadly I don't have a camera, so you'll have to get used to the bizarre little sketches...

This outfit was a peach bodysuit from New Look, a 1970s grey wool skirt and New Loo heeled suede ankle boots. I LOVE this skirt. I was given it by a friend from her mother. It's really lightweight grey wool with black velvet spots. The shape is beautiful, mid-calf and a full circle. Teamed with the heels it just made me feel so feminine! I'm planning on remaking it in light cotton, but I'm still unsure how it will transfer. The shoes were a new purchase, and I think I may be in love. They are so beautiful and really comfy. I'm trying to wear heels more, but due to my height I often feel freakishly tall. I went to see my sister a few months back at Reading University and I swear I was the tallest person in the room. Anyways, back to the fashion... Bodysuits are one of those items of clothing that I used to detest (maybe because it reminds me of year 4 gym class) but recently I've found them super-versatile especially when it comes to high-waisted skirts. I can't really wear tight vest tops as they usually ride up, or loose tops just ruin the shape. So the body-suits keep everything sucked in and maintain the shape I'm aiming at. Plus this one has sparkles on it. I'm like a magpie- sparkles are always good.

This little number is similar to my usual attire. I'm a little addicted to skinny jeans. I never used to be a trouser wearer but occasionally all I want to do is stomp around in my brown DMs, wearing tight jeans, a huge jumper and some bling. The Docs are accessorised with green laces.They are too long so I always wrap them round the ankle once. As I wear them pretty much everyday it's a morning routine to put these bad boys on. The jeans are camel and from Zara. I love camel as a colour, it's so classic and the range of shades suits my skin tone. I love bright colour but the majority of my wardrobe is camel or navy. The jumper was found in the 'chuck' pile at home. I think my younger sister bought it from a charity shop yonks ago. It's huge, camel and wool. PERFECT. The bling is a necklace from Topshop. Sale. Obvs. No way can I afford full price Topshop on my measly student budget. This item is fondly known as the Breastplate by my friends. I love it.

I'm a little in love with this outfit. (Love comes up a lot when it comes to clothes. We have a deep emotional involvement.) I wore this for a friend's 20th birthday dinner. Most of his friends are the tweed wearing types, and though I love the tweed at certain times I just wasn't feeling it that night. So I wore a River Island pencil skirt. My sisters and I have a slight obsession with leopard print. Not in the Scary Spice kind of way. More in a (hopefully) classy kind of way. My housemate thought this skirt was hilarious. It's mid-calf and high-waisted. What isn't too love? Worn with an H&M shirt, another Topshop necklace- this time covered with birds-  and the New Look heels from above.

I don't know what's going on with my hair in these drawings.On a day-to-day basis it's usually down, or messily pinned up. I'm apparently blessed with what my friends call 'sex-hair.' I just think I'm often on the wrong side of tramp. Oh well!

I hope you all have a fantastic night, I'm off to a sports social involving dirty pints. I'm petrified. Mostly because I have no idea what to wear!


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  1. What gorgeous illustrations! I love the way you write, your blog's a delight.
    Thanks for visiting and hope you've had a great weekend. x


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