Saturday, 11 February 2012


Fashion is a bizarre concept that if you take it too far you end up looking a mess, but if you get it right you look amazing.
I'm a student at what I believe to be one of the most unashamedly fashionable universities in Britain. St Andrews. It's a parade of Longchamp bags, Barbours and designer outfits. I'll get back to this in another post. I love the fashion here, but I miss the eccentricities and lack of boundaries that I have at home. I try my best to dress my mood and dress how I want, but when faced with snide looks and remarks by the tanned clones on the streets it's a little dispiriting.
Ever since I can remember we've had a huge dressing up box at home. And now many of the items live in my wardrobe up here. I love to dress up. When I was younger this was inspired by my mother, grandmother and sisters. Now celebrities have entered that group.
Today I want to show you some of my favourite 'celebrities' who use fashion to express their moods, as well as accentuating their best assets. Not in any great detail. Just a snapshot. So here are my favourites-
 Anna Dello Russo is so eccentric and avant-garde. A true style icon because her look is timeless and knows none of the limits that often plague fashion today. In this outfit I particularly love her cherry headpiece. The shock of colour against the monochrome dress, and the kitschy feel to the theme makes it playful and different. She wears a lot of these headpieces. And I really want to get my hands on one. Even if I never wore it, I'd just have it on my mantelpiece so I wake up each morning with a huge smile on my face. I believe it to have this effect...
Carrie Carrie Carrie. I LOVE Sex and the City and even though the characters are mostly neurotic and ridiculous the fashion is beautiful. I love that Carrie shows flesh and, even though she doesn't look 'sexy,' she's so confident in how she looks it just looks exceptional. Plus I really wish I had her abs. 2012 was supposed to be the year of the abs for me and one of my housemates. That's failing.
Oh Gaga. Isn't she just fantastic? Like Miss Bradshaw she shows flesh, and often appears practically naked, but it's just her artistic expression. She is so musically talented that her fashion is a continuation of the theatrical character. Her style is costume-like as a whole. I wish I could pull off her candy-floss hair. Even her most simple outfits have an air of the theatrical. It's ethereal and beautiful.

So there's a small snippet of my three favourite fashion celebrities. It's the theatricality that I love most. And that they always wear the highest of heels. But sadly the combination of being 5'10" and living in a town dominated by cobbled streets prohibits my heel wearing time. But I try my darlings. I try.


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