Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Why hello there.

So here’s a little blog from me, Miss Millie Mae. In it I hope to detail my fashion inspirations, from films, to life, to my own bewildering imagination. I’m fully aware there are blogs galore on the web, with most coming about due to a blogger’s desire to share their individual fashion with the world. Now I’d be the first to admit that my style is not as outrageous as Miss Carrie Bradshaw’s, but I’ve always found that style can be so hindered by body shape. I’ve learnt through years of high street shopping that my figure just isn’t properly catered for in today’s society. Whether its underwear, coats or shoes it’s nigh on impossible to find sartorial items that sit perfectly on my figure.

With my vital statistics reading at 32FF, 27, 42.5 my style often suffers due to badly fitting clothes or the sheer price of tailor made clothing. Through this I’ve learnt to tailor clothing and make complete and full use of my assets.

I love vintage, but my student budget can rarely stretch to the beautiful 1950s dresses that best suit my hourglass figure. And so I strive to create vintage inspired outfits with a creative twist whilst clothing my figure in the best way possible.

So I set myself a new challenge. As of now I’m going to make an effort every day on my appearance, from make up to clothing. I shall limit how much I spend as well as delving into the inner depths of my wardrobe to wear items I’ve relegated to the once in a blue moon pile. I shall document my outfits as often as possible.

I hope you enjoy!


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