Monday, 19 March 2012


I love men's fashion. Perhaps more than I love women's. It's just so much more fun.

St Andrews is renowned for its menswear. Just yesterday I went to an AGM where one of the members was wearing a handmade, perfectly fitted, tweed suit. I'll come back to the St Andrews boys in a later post.

Today I want to express my absolute love for Alo from Skins. The costume of Skins has always been amazing. If I could work on any show it would probably be that. I have a couple of sketches I want to post up later. But today it's all about Aloysius Creevey. He dresses how I wish I would dress if I was a guy. The tones are often autumnal and he wears leggings with large jumpers and always looks like he's been dragged through a hedge backwards. But one thing that I find so interesting about his style is that it always has a vintage feel, or a hint of old-school landed gentry.

Here is my current favourite flame-haired hero wearing a string vest, Hawaiian shorts, brogues and a handkerchief on top. Very Brits go abroad. Several faux-pas all mixed into one awesome mess.

Coming from St Andrews I am a huge fan of red trousers. The rolled-up versions sported here with wool socks, a pig-emblazoned wool tank top and 'bone' necklace are the complete opposite of anything seen strutting round the cobbled streets here. The colours suit his hair, and the rust tones make it seem far more normal than if it was in neon. The focus is more on lengths and shape and so the colour can't overpower this.

I love this look. Just so much love for it right now. The semi-tucked-in Pringle-print jumper, the cropped red trousers again, wool socks and leather boots- it's just SO GOOD. Everything about this look is amazing. Words can't even describe. Which really is not helpful when writing a blog.

So yes, Alo is awesome. He's just amazing. I'd highly recommend people watch the current generation of Skins. It went downhill after Nicholas Hoult et al left, but I'm loving the characters at the moment!


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  1. Hi, I also enjoy alos style now that I've just started liking to decide what to wear I used to where what was ever in my closet and I don't really know the naming of clothes and I really want to find clothes like alos, so do you know if maybe you could tell me what there called or links? I don't know anything would be great, thanks if you can?


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