Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Do you ever get those days, girls, when you just want to dress as a man?

Maybe not as a man, but definitely in a masculine manner.

Now I love men's fashion. It is something that appeals to me far more than women's fashion does. Especially at the high end. For men it is mostly the detail which 'makes' a particular outfit, and not necessarily the silhouette.

I'm loving The Stylish Wanderer's current obsession with Sherlock Holmes. Rachel McAdams' character, Irene Adler, manages extreme femininity in corsets and masculine tailoring in tweed.

My recent purchase of a pair of men's cords has resulted in them being a staple in my wardrobe. Whenever I wear them I just feel that I have to complete the outfit in a similarly masculine manner and my whole attitude changes with it. I love how clothes can completely change your mood and outlook on life.
The jumper and jacket in this outfit were bought during Freshers' Week last year, my first proper time away from home, and they mean a lot to me. The outfit consists of a Ralph Lauren cotton ribbed jumper and a Aquascutum tweed jacket (I picked them up for a fiver each,) men's Old Navy cords and some orange boat shoes I picked up from Tesco for 50p. I live in these shoes (well when I'm not wearing my Docs anyways) I think it's because they are such a lurid colour they make me a little bit happy inside.

So just a short and slightly disjointed post there as have several deadlines looming.


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