Thursday, 1 March 2012

Problem Numero Uno- Revamp

So I was asked if I'd do a few pictures to go with the article on dressing of sixth form.

Here goes...

Simple. Breton top, black skinnies, pumps. Simple. And so easy to emulate.

Shirt dress, flared or not. You could go for a safari look and get a tighter style. I like shirts. I don't know why. Also DECK SHOES. I love deck shoes, or boat shoes, what ever you choose to call them. Or plimsols. I'm a huge fan or plimsols. In fact, I'm currently sporting a white pair. They make me feel nostalgic. I have no idea why...

This is a pretty standard outfit for me. Black tights (always), tweed shorts, top,and blazer. I'm currently lusting after my sister's camel blazer from Zara. She put a fur collar on it. And I want it.
All hail the body con skirt. I have a back-side. I'm fully aware of this fact, so pencil skirts and body-cons are my go-to pieces. The edition of a striped or checked shirt makes it more teenage friendly. I feel.

So yes, there you go. A few visual ideas...

Also a huge thanks to Vix and Scarlett for the lovely comments!


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