Wednesday, 14 March 2012

White Lies

I apologise for the disgusting lack of posts over the last week. I know no excuse is worthy, but I've had three deadlines, two games and one class trip over the last seven days, manic manic.

And I've done no drawings!

So here's a little video of one of my favourite bands- White Lies. And this is EPIC. It's an amalgamation of all their songs, but with people speaking the lyrics as well. The lyrics just flow like poetry and are so powerful.

Here are some more from these bad boys-


Farewell to the Fairground. It's amazing, the beat is just so good.

Death. Live on Jools Holland.

I saw these guys a few years back at Latitude music festival. They're going again this year. I actually can't wait. Just so intoxicating.

Normal posts will resume asap!


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