Thursday, 26 April 2012


So, due to a mixture of bad internet at home, followed by 3D cinema-induced migraines, constant deadlines and a drunken social calender, I've been away from the old blogging world for a while. But I'm back. At least for the moment as this is mostly procrastination to avoid writing an essay on the archaeological remains of Carthage... I've got a lot of sketches and outfits I've been storing up the last couple of weeks from summer outfits to Masquerade Balls. I spent most of yesterday drawing abs for an article on mens' swimwear. It was a good afternoon...

And so I'm going to ease myself back into the blogging universe by posting a few sketches and music videos that I'm loving.

I love dancing. By no means am I any good at it, but I firmly believe that every film must have a dance scene in. Dancing just makes me exceedingly happy so here are a few dancing sketches. And a few banging tunes...
Beyonce's dancing is awe-inspiring. And this song is amazing especially for dancing round my room and shaking my backside like there is no tomorrow. In fact this whole album is spectacular. Love on Top and Countdown are some more amazing dancing tooooons.

I discovered this song earlier this week.It's been around a while but the first verse just gets me. Plus he has an amazing face.
I bought a ukulele when I was home. It's purple and I love it. And with my new uke I've developed a love for this beautiful lady. This song is my guilty pleasure anyway when sung by Miss Cheryl Cole but I just LOVE  this version so much. The message seems so much more poignant.

So that's that for today. I shall post soon, I have a couple of outfit sketches and more procrastination opportunities a-coming up.



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