Thursday, 7 June 2012

Another kind of royalty.

So a few weeks back I went to Nottingham to see my mate Rachel and coincidentally this just happened to be when King Charles was performing. Now I love this man. Not only for his EPIC music, but also for his fantastic fashion sense. Very flouncy, very baroque, very AWESOME. Plus he has dreads. It makes me want to have dreads but I have been told that they a) smell and b) would look strange on me. But I believe them to be fabulous. And especially when on the head of this fabulous man.

These are Mississippi Isabel and Lady Percy. These aren't my fav songs by the man, but check out his other stuff such as Polar Bear or Coco Chitty. He's Fab.U.Lous.

So as per normal on my random little blogging escapades I made some sketches (yay...)
I just love it when a band has an image that seems to be natural to them as well as providing a united front. This band were so beautiful turned out in vintage costume that I couldn't not make notes.
Together with his dreads he was wearing a billowing white shirt, a vintage waistcoat, cropped black trousers and purple velvet slippers. I wish a little bit that he had rolled his trousers as I do love a trouser cuff. He seems quite a hairy man, what with the moustache, the chest hair and the knee length dreads. I WANT  THEM.
 I do not know what it is about bassists but they always get me a little hot under the collar. They always seem to play with the same moody stare and wear tops that show off perfectly sculpted biceps. And I appreciate that. And this guy didn't let me down. He wore a navy jacket over the ensemble most of the set, but then took it off to show his guns... He wore grey rolled up trousers, black velvet loafers, pale blue shirt with rolled up sleeves (so in love with this look) and a cravat. Plus perfectly trimmed facial hair and a side parting. The guy looked dapper...
The backing singer and occasional drummer of the band was this beautiful lady. Her afro was clipped to one side and wore minimal make-up. She had a high necked sheened top with a vintage velvet bolero on top that was held together by two gold chains. Under this she had a silver sheer coat and black cropped trousers. I can't remember what shoes she was wearing but she looked amazing.
The rest of the band were similarly attired but I saw these the most, so I figured I'd doodle them.

Please check out King Charles. He is so cool.

Here is his cover of Billy Joel's classic We Didn't Start the Fire.

Plus I saw The Mystery Machine on the road back from work today. It made the pissy weather so much better!


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