Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Cuts like a razor...

In my post-before-last I mentioned I was off to see Razorlight with my sister. They were amazing, as in beyond all expectations. The beauty of watching bands perform in the middle of Thetford Forest is that you can get so darned close!

I drew a few sketches on the night as I am absolutely awful at utilising cameras. Then put a quick wash over on my return...

 The bassist was so insane. What with the cowboy boots, the baggy jeans, the headscarf and the cowboy hat to top off the pigtails and feathers. He chain-smoked throughout the concert and jumped around like a mad-man. Not quite your usual 'just-stare-moodily-at-the-audience' bass player, but it makes a beautiful and welcome change.

 Johnny Johnny Johnny Borrell. He writes the songs and sings them with so much heart. He also had the TIGHTEST jeans imaginable, which seemed to be kept together by electrical tape. I ain't complaining, the man is a genius.

I don't think the pianist is part of the original band as he sat out of the majority of the set. Mauve bowler hat, necktie, white t-shirt, blazer, baggy rolled-up jeans and deck-shoes, the guy looked F.A.B. as he sipped on red wine leaning nonchalantly against the scaffolding.

Menswear is far more interesting than womenswear. So here are a few sketches of my recent trip to Cambridge. DOUBLE WHAMMY.

 Here's a bit of double denim. It's EVERYWHERE. This guy's t-shirt was too low-cut for my liking, all tanned, waxed chest. He also had scary eyes. But I loved his 80s style denim bomber with dark skinnies. It worked.
 Ok ladies, consensus on short shorts for men. These were mid-thigh with a tan-leather belt and pink rolled up shirt. As we all know I appreciate a rolled-up sleeve, and this man had the biceps to match. And he knew it, strutting his way round town...

 This little fellow must have been about twelve and was swaggering round town wearing grey skinnies and loafers.On top he had a black cap under a red hoody. The sleeves were rolled up and the hood was up, the string was tied into a bow and the zip was up. Though I personally wouldn't ever consider this look the personal stylish twist was so amazing. Plus he was rearranging himself as he went past, me and my mate had a proper chuckle over this guy.

I did this drawing a while back when I was in Notts seeing a friend. We were in TKMaxx when we saw this guy with his brother and mother.He was probably about eight with rolled-up chinos, red striped deck shoes and a blue vest. The best bit was that his hair was in a side parting and slicked back. The brother was younger and similarly dressed and the mother was chic in the way that only Europeans can be. They strolled off jabbering away in Italian. It made my morning.

Hope you all had a fab day, I was in London visiting the sister and catching up with the exhibitions. But more on that later ;)


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