Monday, 4 June 2012

Double Denim

Yes, as the post title would suggest I committed one of the sartorial cardinal sins. I wore double denim. And not even in the safety of my own home. I wore this to travel down the country back home so people down the length of the country would have seen this monstrosity. Thing is it was rather fun...

So there it is. A River Island dark denim jacket, pale blue jeans from H&M, my White Lies t-shirt and me ol' Docs. I felt very continental. But in a disturbingly awesome way. I may have to rock this look out again sometime...

 This outfit was from a Childhood themed social I organised with a friend for the St Andrews Beach Korfball tournament. Because I'd packed everything up for the epic trip home I barely had anything to dress in. So I went for a parka that I've had for centuries. It looks a little like a Fruit Pastille ice lolly, but I love it just a little bit. The whole outfit is the parka, a Peacocks' mens t-shirt with a Union Jack (appropriate for this weekend non?) and my standard hot pants and Docs. As I've said before I love to dance so going out often means a loose t-shirt or vest top, hotpants and Docs. So much movement!
This is not an outfit I've actually worn out yet. But it's a planned one. I got these trousers from Topman a few months back for £1. Super thick cotton in sky blue with a thick white stripe they're too long even for me. Because they are loose and so comfortable I really want to wear them out, but, due to the colour, they are obviously pjs. SO here is an idea of how I could possibly style them for outside wear. It's a loose camel vest-top and a vintage 1940s white bed jacket. Any ideas?

Just off to watch the Diamond Jubilee Concert, and Prince Harry...



  1. I love the artiness of these pictures (and the ones in your previous posts.) Love the colours.

    - Willow


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