Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jubilee Concert

As I'm sure most of you are aware the Queen's Diamond Jubilee was held over this last weekend. I was in London for some of it, but didn't fancy it in the rain so the Father drove the family the two hours back home so we could watch the floats by the shoddy coverage that the BBC gave.
Monday saw the Diamond Jubilee Concert, organised by the 'rather dishy babe' Gary Barlow. (That's a quote from a friend there...)
Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey were in the line-up, so there was no way I was going to miss this. So I wrote my own little commentary and drew some quick sketches to keep myself entertained further... I started with Will.I.Am because,well, Robbie is Robbie. That is all.

Jubilee Commentary...
So Will.I.Am. Wow. Firstly- he's not British. Madness. Plus side, I do love his outfit. Very military, and I always appreciate a good military look. He may a decent performer, but my Lord is he out of tune...

I love me some Jessie J. Just her voice, her fantastic, fantastic voice. Loving the duet. And her solo is beautiful. That dress is also stunning. Anyone know the designer? It's like a crazy psychedelic Union Jack...

JLS? Seriously?! Boring... Plus that random green sports jacket one of them is wearing is not appreciated. And I blinked and missed the trademark back flip. This saddens me. Plus side- here's a drawing of the slightly better dressed one...
Now Mr Barlow is one sexy man (I forgot to do a drawing...) but I can't stand Cheryl- she's dropping the Cole now, don't you know... The dress is a little awesome, but I don't think it really suits her. But O.M.G. is she out of tune. If you get the chance to sing with the beautiful Mr Barlow please make sure you're hitting the right notes.

Cliff Richard. Now I'm loving the tunes and the outfit. Golden Oldie my friend. Sadly the colour doesn't really do you any favours, but I'm loving the shoes. Sparkley Converse- I want me some.

Lang-Lang. Now I'm a little in awe. Your fingers shouldn't be able to move that fast. Literally in awe.

Apparently the opera man, Alfie Boe, was awesome. I appreciate Elvis as much as the next girl. I decided to wash my hair here. It now smells like Moroccan Oil courtesy of some fancy stuff I found in the cupboard...

The washing ate into the Jools and Ruby action. Oops.

Grace Jones you are indeed an amazing woman. At 64 she quite potentially has the best legs I've ever seen. And she did the hula hoop thing the entire time she was singing. Major envy atm...

Now Ed Sheeran is a little close to my heart as he's a local boy. And now he's famous. It's madness. I'm done with this song though. But well done on swapping the t-shirt for the shirt. I think Harry must like him. But Harry's about twenty times hotter...

Annie Lennox is fabulous. And I wish I had wings. Plus her quitarist- just a little sexy I have to say, rocking out in all white. Good on you girl.

ROLF- Ducking love that man. And his shirt.

I love Renee Fleming's dress. And her singing. And that her dad wrote James Bond. And that Daniel Craig played Mr Bond. I appreciate this. (AMENDMENT- I've since been told she is in fact not related to Ian Fleming.Bloody BBC misleading me like that...)

Tom Jones. I love that his voice hasn't changed. I've seen him live a few times. The man is a god. See Cheryl- that's how it's done.

Now Mr Jones is a tough act to follow. Robbie rose to the challenge. And proved that he can actually sing, despite people for years saying he is just a showman. I would. Without question.

I was promised that the gorgeous Prince Harry would be playing the tambourine in the Jubilee song. I feel that that would have made this awesome performance even better.

Shirley shirley shirley. She's still got it! It must be something about the Welsh. She and Mr Jones are still on top form.

I would not want to come on after Dame Bassey. But Kylie did. I'm not fan. And her performance won't change that. Plus I think she looks like an S&M enthusiast.

Alfie Boe and Renee Fleming- so beautiful. I may have welled up a little... Plus the lighting up of the Palace was fantasmic. Kinda wanted Will and Kate to start singing on the other side.

Elton John wore an amazing jacket. It was pink and sparkling. I enjoyed it. His voice is going a little, but his piano skills? Wow.

Stevie Wonder is a bit of a random addition. But he sang Superstition. You can't really beat that.

O.M.G.- Madness on Buckingham Palace. Fan-bloody-tastic. And the projection onto the Palace was exceptional. So much love for these guys right now.

I'm not a Beatles fan. I'm just going to say that now. And Paul was defo below par. Please bring back Tom. Or Robbie. Or just Harry. To my bed. And what's with all the pyrotechnics? Is it to distract me from the fact that my ears are bleeding in pain?
That said the dancing celebs and Tom and Cliff sharing a cheeky wee hug makes me happy.

May have wept a little at the end there- DAMN YOU HORMONES.

So yeah... that was my little analysis. I love that the comments get slightly shorter. I miss Robbie already. I may go Youtube him constantly for the next hour or so...


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