Friday, 1 June 2012


Well I have done SHOCKINGLY at keeping track of this blog I see. I don't really have an excuse, but packing up my shit hole of a room and organising a tournament and two socials involving 90+ people may just make it. So I'm finally home in splendid Suffolk. It's flat and I like it. Annoyingly we had amazing weather for the last week in Sandy Andy and now it's just grey and dismal down here. Plus side, going to the Epsom Derby tomorrow so I ain't complaining.

The following drawings are of some of the blogs that I read. The women are awesome, fabulous and inspiring (and not only in the sartorial sense.)

These aren't the only blogs I read, but they are the ones I check most regularly because their writing styles are just as fun as their beautiful photos!

 Misfits Vintage- Sarah from Misfits Vintage has a figure made for vintage fashion and the glossiest hair I've ever seen. She's also got a killer sense in music and uses the kind of language I wish I could get away with more often. Plus she can wear bright red and bright yellow. I'm jealous.
 Cupcake's Clothes- I only recently discovered Georgina of Cupcake's Clothes whilst researching fatshion. I love that fatshionistas have so much flamboyance and attitude despite the stigma that today's culture places on them. I'm going to do another post on fatshion when I have the time... So back to Georgina- I love her sweet, pastel style. It's bang on trend and her pink hair is to die for! I've been wanting to dye my hair this for ages, or failing that lilac. But Georgina rocks it. And that's all.

 Pull Your Sox Up- Desiree from Pull Your Sox Up is amazing. Not only are her charity shop (or op-shop) skills seemingly unparelled, but her ebay skills are in another world. I wish I could find vintage circus costumes or peach-coloured pajamas and then wear them with galaxy-adorned leggings. The woman is a fashion icon in clashing prints and fabulous headpieces. Oh and she has some of the best pins I've ever seen!

Vintage Vixen- This is quite an old outfit from the lovely Vix. She has an enviable figure and a wardrobe to match. She manages to make anything look amazing be it silver leather shorts, green flared trousers or a sequined crop top. Her photos from Goa are always stunning and those Trechnikoff paintings? So beautiful!

So yes, there are a few of the bloggers that I read the most and have some of the most covetous style out there. Forget Vogue, these women are fashion-forward and fashion-fierce!

I promise I'll get back on track asap...

Have a fabulous Jubilee weekend!



  1. I love your sketches :) They look like fun !

    Amy x


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