Monday, 25 June 2012

Past, Present, Future...

I've been off the radar the last couple of days with splitting headaches, 12 hour shifts and twenty mile bike rides. Life is hectic, give me back my 2pm lie-ins!

Mostly because I either haven't had a spare minute or I've been too ill to even move in the past week, I spent my first day of conscious relaxation scanning in sketches and drawing some new ones.

First off, I'm not a massive 'shoe-person.' If I had teeny-tiny delicate feet and not the bizarre ones I've been blessed with I would most definite stroll around in heels 24/7 strutting my way down highstreets and avoiding the cobbles. Yet my feet are uncommonly wide, but with high arches, so mostly only loose shoes fit and my height often prevents me from wearing heels on a day to day basis. Add in the fact that my bank balance is in a shocking state right now I'd much rather spend my money on beautiful coats and underwear than on shoes that will inevitably be hideously uncomfortable.

So here's a short past, present and future on my shoe-loves!

The past- These are the first heels I ever bought. Gold, 5 inch, suede Miss Sixty wedges. What more could a girl want? I wore them to death until the strap went. But I've kept them just in case I find an amazing tailor who is willing to fix them for me, or if I ever want to use them as a design. Just so hideously beautiful. I can't bare to throw them out!

 The present- My brown Doc Martens. When I was 15 I swapped my pink Caterpillar boots for my sister's knock-off brown leather versions. They sadly died on me last year and I cried when it happened, so I saved up my holiday working money to buy some Docs. And they haven't let me down. I literally wear them with everything. The green laces came from Ebay and have to get wrapped round the ankle as are too long. But they are so versatile and just so darn fantastic.

 The hopeful future- my younger sister Dorothy LOVES shoes and constantly comes home brandishing some book on vintage shoes or Manolo Blahnik. In one book I found an article on Gina shoes and the very next day found these gorgeous beauties in the charity shop for £4. Sadly they are also a size four which my huge feet will never fit in, but I say the future because hopefully one day I'll a) be able to afford such beautifully made shoes (they are completely leather and handmade) and b) that I'll be able to find something that both fits and is indescribably elegant.

So yeah, there's my short post. I'm in London tomorrow so will hopefully gather some blog fodder and I have so many more things to post and blogs to catch up on!

Hope you all have a simply fabulous week!


(I don't know why it's highighted, I can't seem to change it!)


  1. You are one heck of a talented artist! Love your first wedges, what beauties. I can't justify new shoes, maxi dresses hide a multitude of sins in the footwear department. x

    1. I love me a good maxi dress! Thanks :)x

  2. I love drawings of shoes so much, I could look at them all day long!
    Love Holz oxo


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