Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Ladies' Day

I've worked at a local racecourse for the past five years, waitressing in Premier Arena restaurant. Last week it was the July Cup, and Thursday was Ladies' Day. I love Ladies' Day. Mostly because of the orange fake tans, hideously short dresses and hugely impractical shoes. And then there are the fabulous ladies. So here is my short collection of some of the fantastically fabulous ladies!
 First up- These two lovely ladies came into the restaurant together. The outfit consisted of a black body-con dress with faux-fur stole over one shoulder, black hat and vertiginous black gladiator sandals. She looked utterly fabulous. Her friend was wearing a yellow jacket, a purple body-con dress with yellow shoes and orange bag. She look exceptional. The clashing block colours, together with the blue fascinator, stood out amongst the florals and monochromatic palette. They both had great banter which is always nice when waiting on someone.
 I LOVED this outfit. This beautiful lady was wearing a a blue and white patterned wiggle dress. With a blue bow in her blonde hair, perfectly slicked into a bun at the nape of her neck, a white leather handbag and blue strappy sandals, she looked like a modern-take on 1960s air-hostesses. And she looked amazing. It's an outfit like this which makes me want to burn my skinnies and don my amazing (but slightly impractical) leopard pencil skirt.

 One of the girls I work with came up to me purely to say that she had seen someone who looked exceptional and that I needed to see her. So on our break we went on a short hunt. Sadly I only saw her from the back but she did indeed look fab.u.lous. Wearing a floorlength emerald green dress with full sleeves with buttoned cuffs and a high neck. She also had a cropped jacket on top and a green fascinator with peacock feathers. In keeping with the current 'Edwardiana' trend she look amazing. She'd obviously made an effort for the race day, instead of just chucking on what everyone would be wearing.
 This woman we saw on our trip back from our break. She was pushing a trolley which I decided to not include... The outfit consisted of heavy black eye make-up and a bright auburn King Charles-esque wig, with a lilac regal jacket and lilac, white and pink tutu. Under the jacket was a ruffled white shirt, and under the tutu were silver metallic leggings. On her feet were neon purple lace-up platform boots. I think I loved this outfit. I say think because I wish I had the guts to wear it, but would have left the trolley at the racecourse gate...

I love the combination of pink and black. It reminds me of a fleece hat I once made when I believed this combo to be the peak of sartorial elegance. These days I'm more camel and navy, but oh well. What I loved about this outfit was that she had made the entire outfit (bar the shoes) herself as she so willingly told us. The back was similarly contrasted and the hat and bad were made out of old vinyls. Truly fabulous.

So yes, Ladies' Day. I love it. So much.
I just spent the last three hours trying to work out how old some of the mother's charity shopped silverware was. It's actually fascinating. And now my eyes hurt.

I hope all you lovely bloggers are having a great week and are keeping fabulous!



  1. Love these drawings, you're so talented!

    I can't even draw stickmen that well.



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