Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Looks like Autumn...

It's PISSING it down outside. And I'm sitting inside reading Vogue. What with all the pieces from the spring collections it's not surprising that a girl thinks of her Autumn wardrobe... I'm so in love with all the tweed and the leather and the tweed... I found my tweed flat cap the other day and I've been wearing it constantly. Thing is these trends are just constant themes in my wardrobe. Especially (you guessed it) the tweed. Got to love that stuff...
Also, I found out a few days ago that I got the position of Fashion Sub-Editor at the magazine  I contribute to- The Tribe. I've been writing the men's section for the past year because I have a minor obsession in menswear. You can read some of my articles here if you are interested!

So here's my first installment of my take on some of Autumn's coming trends.

This little number is a khaki pencil skirt which I already own from Asos and patent black brogues from River Island. I'm a sucker for a Breton striped top and so I'm going to begin my charity shop mission to find one. I may have to go for a cropped variety as I always tuck my tops into pencil skirts, but hate it when you see the bunching under the fabric. Actually could start rocking this look over summer...

To be honest this is basically my usual 'uniform.' Docs? Check. Black Skinnies? Check. Shirt? Check. I live in shirts mostly because I'm quite busty at a 32G and these babies only came to me a few years ago and I'm still apprehensive about putting them on display. I love cravats. Mostly because I love period dramas. Think Mr Darcy. In the wet shirt... But I digress. The flat cap? Well, where would a girl be without a flat cap?

This outfit consists of a black New Look dress I picked up the other day. It's really simple and unlike the Topshop varieties, covers my backside and my bra. Which is something that is always needed but rarely provided in summer dresses these days. I do love my maxis, but I've been hitting the gym, and want to get my legs out! The tweed is my classic Aquascutum. And of course the big hair. Big hair is always needed. I'll probably wear this with Docs. Or perhaps invest in some deck shoes. That said, I'm tempted to start wearing heels. But at 5'10" and curvy I (apparently) come across as intimidating. So heels just wouldn't help that situation. I'm nice really!

 This outfit may be a little nabbed from Miss Bradshaw in SATC: The Movie 2. Is that the official title? I have no idea. It's the same khaki pencil skirt with a hair bow and matching heels. The leather waistcoat is one that I really want in my wardrobe. Butter-soft tan leather with pockets. If anyone finds on out there please tell me!

 These shorts are some of my favourites. Strangely it was me not being able to properly fit into them which has sparked the recommencement of my New Year's resolution Abs2012. It hasn't happened, but hopefully at least I shall fit into my favourite shorts again. They are waxed linen Noa Noa high-waisted knee length shorts. The first thing I ever bought on eBay. I still love them so much! The vest top is one of five I bulk bought from Gap a few years back. Slouchy knitted cotton, they are so comfortable and so versatile! The hat once again is a flat cap. Just loving them...

I'm not really one for peplum skirts, but my version is skirted jackets. Here is my current favourite, an old hacking jacket from the days when I was forced to do Pony Club. It's such a good fit, and the long skirt to it gives it such a feminine shape. Teamed with a River Island striped pencil skirt and one of my Gap vest tops. I love the contrast of the structured tweed with the grungey grey striped skirt.

So there are my current ideas on autumn trends, there shall be more as I am loving this season!

I hope you are all having a FABULOUS week enjoying the fabtasmic weather...


PS I just realised that Tom Hardy is in Marie Antoinette. That just makes me love the film even more... Just wanted to share that with you all...


  1. Very cute illustrations! =)


    1. Thanks! I just checked out your blog. I love it! x

  2. Lovely illustrations!

    Emma x

  3. Nice post, love the illustrations :)

    Santenne of Crystallized Elements.

  4. You are fabulous, I'm not sure which illustration I love the most! x


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