Saturday, 28 July 2012

We like short shorts...

I attempted to start writing this during the Opening Ceremony last night. But got distracted. Mostly by the split second clip of Jamie Bell. I'd happily marry that man. For unknown reasons... What did you guys all think of the show? Personally I loved it. Especially the Queen. And Daniel Craig.
Oh and did you all see St Andrews? My friend was in that clip. I got very excited.

These sketches are from yet another London trip I went on the other day to see friends between days at the Sushi factory.

 I loved this look purely for her sleek bob and the simplicity of the outfit. It was basically a cropped camel jumper with peg-leg trousers and a brown bag. I was on the train going through a station when I saw her so didn't see what footwear she was wearing. But I just loved the simplicity and classic look.
This was another girl in the same group as the one above, over all a rather stylish group of friends it would seem. She wore denim cut offs and a cropped jumper. What I particularly loved about the outfit was that she was wearing neon yellow socks and camel desert boots. The shock of colour just made that outfit for me.
I saw this girl in a vintage shop near Old Spitalfields market. As it was a BAKING hot day the attire seemed to fit. High-waisted brocade shorts with long fringing, black patent brogues and a black cropped t-shirt. She looked ridiculously awesome. And like she should be doing a road trip across America. But in a really good way...

This is not actually from London. This is a drawing of my friend Hannah. She's gorgeous and slim and wears hippy style clothes. Here she is wearing baggy harem trousers in a navy blue and a loose weave, over-sized brown jumper. She looked pretty fabulous. Sadly this is not a look that looks amazing on myself due to the breasticles and backside. But she looks gorgeous.
This man was on the Underground. He had long wavy hair, and was probably in his mid-forties, but I just loved the mixture of the bright denim and burnt orange chinos. Complementary colours darling.
This was another Underground man. This time with purple circular glasses, a pale pink shirt, purple tie and braces, tight jeans and black shirt. Oh and a black baseball cap. He was also about 5'2". I don't know this makes a difference. But it did. He just looked futuristic in a really simple way. The use of purple was spot on.
Just realised how many photos I put up. Oops... This guy was on the train. he was wearing an over-sized white shirt and black skinny jeans. And a maroon scarf casually wrapped round his neck. I really love scarves on men. I don't really know why. But a man who wears a good scarf is a keeper. He also had red wine stains down his back. He had clearly had a good night.
This girl was on the Underground with a friend. They had been running I imagine. Or at least they had. I don't really know. For some unknown reason I have a thing about showing too much flesh during the day. Especially at 12 o'clock on the Underground. She was wearing Adidas running shorts. The kind which have the huge slits up the side, and a white vest top. With a see-through white bra. Though I definitely admire her confidence, that I could almost see EVERYTHING was minorly unwanted. But she had the figure for it. So good on her.

Did anyone watched Bert and Dickie the other day? My sister rows so we watched the majority of it And she annoyed me by saying how they weren't properly rowing. ANYWAY I loved the costume. So much. I'm going to watch it again purely because I am lusting after the training tops they wore. I also loved Matt Smith's hat, glasses and jawline. So here they are.
And these were some old Suffolk men sitting by the train contemplating life, discussing cider and crop growth. And their wives' obsession with Fifty Shades. No joke. I had a good little chuckle over this.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend! I'm off to a car boot sale in the early hours of tomorrow. Actually cannot wait! The Father is cooking up a BBQ as The Mother is away, so I'm going to run and enjoy some Pimms in the last of the sunshine!



  1. I love your sketches and your observations that go with them. Hope the boot sale was a success and thanks for my award! xxx

    1. Any time! You deserve it:) Thank you so much! It was indeed a success, so much fun! x


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