Monday, 13 August 2012

Curl Up and Dye.

I've always thought that was the worst EVER name for a hairdresser's. Just why...
Anyway, I got my hair dyed last week. Not that you really knew what my hair looked like other than HUGE. The elusive self that I am.
So I've always wanted to have ginger hair. Don't ask me why, but I'm a firm believer that people with ginger/red/strawberry blonde hair are always the most fabulous. Just look at Prince Harry. Or Jessica Rabbit. Karen Elson, Paloma Faith,Tim Minchin, Satine in Moulin Rouge... The list goes on... So last week I went into Baiss & Co. in Ipswich for a model night. I've always used this hairdressers whenever I need an actual cut as the products smell good and you get nice biscuits with the tea. That's a lie, it's a really great place, beautifully set out, and with a great soundtrack. The girls looks achingly hip and the cuts are always perfect.
The model nights are also cheap. At £9 for a semi-dye, going there was cheaper and less risky than the several boxes of dye I would have to buy otherwise. And they did an amazing job.

I've always had huge hair envy over Kate Winslet in Titanic. It's just such a gorgeous colour, but can never find an equivalent on the high street which kills me. So I went for something similar. And I love it. It is a semi so it'll fade. But it's definitely a colour I want to stick with.

The girl who did my hair looked awesome. She was teeny tiny but had her bright ginger hair piled in a massive bun right on her forehead. Comme ca...
 I just thought she looked amazing. And it's a style I may try out sometime when I'm not sporting my massive porn-star do... She did such a great job on my hair, despite the fact it took three times the amount of dye it was meant to. What can I say? I just have a lot of hair...

 This was another hairdresser. I just loved her look so much. It was a near-perfect example of unique retro style. Her hair was dyed black, but pinned back in true 1940s style. She also sported a bright pink quiff. Which was fabulous. What I wouldn't give for pink hair. But that may be another post... I loved her sleeve of tattoos as well. Teamed with the hair it was such a perfect combination.

So yeah... there's a little snippet of my current hairstyle. Maybe one day (if you're really lucky) you'll get an actual picture of the tangled mass atop my head!

I hope you've all had a great start to the week. I'm starting my summer reading this week and organising a potential cycling holiday in Holland. So excited!



  1. I also have a lot of hair, with very thick strands (so if I straighten it, it looks like a mop) and brushing it when it's dry makes me end up not being able to see through all of the hair - no joke.
    I've also always wanted red hair (and green eyes, fair skin and freckles to go with it) and currently have some red henna dye sitting in my draw waiting to be used - not sure if I'm going to end up getting round to it :P

    - Willow

    1. You should dye it! But you have a great natural hair colour anyway so you may not want to ruin that. I just look beyond ridiculous with straight hair! x


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