Monday, 6 August 2012

Factory Girl

As I said in my previous post I've been working at a sushi factory for the past few weeks. And so, because I'm working in 4 degrees for 12 hours solid I don't really have a chance to dress up these days. 
This is what I have to wear. White lab coat, yellow hairnet, plastic blue gloves and sleeves. tracksuit bottoms and white wellingtons. Sooooo stylish. I'll also have about five layers under that. And it's still bloody freezing.
So it's only understandable that when my sister, Dorothy, told me that she could get tickets to the Olympics and that we had to dress up, especially as we were watching the boxing. And we did...

I was meant to wear heels. But realised on the day that I'd only bought one back with me from uni. Which was awkward. So Docs it was. Because it was a beautiful day I went for no tights, a leopard print pencil skirt, blue cropped shirt, hacking jacket, Billy Bag and big hair. The usual. We meant up with some of my uni friends to discuss life and possible holiday plans. I miss uni banter...
This is what Dorothy wore. She has great legs due to university rowing and insisted on wearing her new ASOS wedges. They are so beautiful. And she wore them all day, so well done her. She wore a pink metallic Topshop dress and a Zara camel blazer with a fur collar and a Bally bag she picked up in a charity shop. This drawing actually shows her Ralph Lauren cardigan that she picked up. It's superbly preppy, but looks disgustingly good in it. We found it in Absolute Vintage in London, which is now one of my favourite shops. I picked up a pair of mens Daks trousers. Camel and 100% wool. Perfect. She's just started her own blog (inspired by myself I feel) over at

The atmosphere was amazing. And Do got a free orange from a random volunteer. And I got my bag frisked by a beautiful Scottish soldier. So I'm not complaining.

It was an amazing day out, if you get the chance seriously go. Purely for all the men in uniform...

I'm working three solid twelve hour days so will probably not get the chance to blog for the next week. Sorry!

I hope you are all having a fabulous week, and thank you for the lovely comments. You have no idea how much they mean to me!



  1. Docs are always the way to go :) I love your sister's bag and your jacket, lovely drawings.
    Ah - a free orange, bonus!

    Oh, and thanks for my blog award :)

    - Willow

    1. Any time! Thank you for the lovely comment:) x


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