Thursday, 9 August 2012

Men men men...

In case you haven't gathered I have a slight fascination with menswear. Whether it's men in uniform, an impeccably tailored suit, or a stylish hipster, I just love it.
When I'm out and about it is often the men who catch my eye. Styled in such a way that I simply have to get my sketch book out. With women it takes something extra special. I don't really know why. So here are my pics of some of the men I've seen on my travels...

 I saw this gentleman at the racecourse last week. It was a ghastly day, and for once my sister was working so we spent most of the day discussing the outfits and asking the bar staff for their opinions. This guy was with his girlfriend who was wearing a rather hideous metallic neon green collarless jacket. It was like granny-acid chic. Apparently it's from Zara. I just didn't understand it. This guy was wearing a black v-neck t-shirt, dark grey blazer and grey trousers. What I loved was that the trousers were slightly too short so you could see his (rather chavvy) bright white socks. Just loved that touch. He also wore old brown brogues. And you have to appreciate a pair of brown brogues.

 This was another Newmarket punter. He was really tall and lanky and so immediately had the 'hipster' look down... He wore a dusky blue cotton suit. The trousers were ridiculously tight and were teamed with a Liberty print shirt and black chelsea boots. On top of all this he had long wavy hair and a black trilby. He was also smoking. I know it's bad for you, but it is still so sexy... I thought he looked awesome. The waitress with me disagreed...
 This guy came into the restaurant with his parents. Just a simple white shirt and chinos. The shirt was of really thick white cotton, the kind that demonstrates quality. On his feet he had velvet tasselled loafers. Not good Suffolk wear, but he looked awesome. And he had amazing eyebrows. Men with good eyebrows just rock my boat.
 These young gentlemen were also at the racecourse. I just loved that a) they were at the Van Morrison band night and b) that they would all fit into St Andrews very nicely when they grew up. All wearing tweed with coloured chinos and big hair. I just thought they looked fab.
 I saw this guy in London the day I went to the Olympics. We were sitting in a cafe near Buckingham palace observing the people and this guy strutted (literally strutted) past. I'm a sucker for polo-necks. For completely and utterly unknown reasons. Anyway he was wearing a white polo-neck with grey front-pleated trousers and thick black braces. His trousers were far too short and showed off his bright orange socks and brown brogues. He also carried a brown doctor's bag and a suit bag. Apparently the suit bag was from a Jermyn street brand, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was! I loved the combination of the slicked side-parting and thick glasses. I love a good side parting. Apparently it's a don't. What are your views?

I've been trying to draw this gentleman for ages. I saw him in a London cafe months back. He was quite elderly and just sat with a perfect nonchalance, hopefully retelling a story of flamboyance and glamour. He had long wavy grey hair and the highest cheekbones. I just loved his combination of Breton striped top, pale blue jacket and white chinos with brown deck shoes. He just looked like he would have some great stories.

Talking of great cheekbones- Lawrence Clark the GB 110m hurdler. He had a great pair.



  1. I love your sketches, they are lovely!!!!!!xxxxxx

  2. I can just imagine all the guys you've described, a bit like those Shoreditch types you always see at boutique festivals with their 7/8 trousers, Harris Tweed and cultivated facial hair. It's not the look for me but infinitely preferable to the topless chavs with jersey trakkie bottoms commonplace in my home town! x


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