Saturday, 11 August 2012


Because I'm feeling minorly feak and weeble (I'm sure you can work that one out) and also because we have guests coming over in a few, this is going to be a short yet sweet post. Mostly on my fashion musings and questions to all you lovely people!

1) Disco pants. Are they a do or a don't? I'm confused as to my feelings towards these items and I feel I need help. I kinda love them because I feel they look like jazzy lycra. I've recently become a little obsessed with lycra. No, not because of the Olympics and all the bulging muscles (and crotches...) But because I have preseason in under a month and I am genuinely concerned that I may keel over. So the gym routine has been stepped up. And hey, I now have leg definition. Woop...

2) I've been watching the 'Lympics. A lot. And I'm proud of 'Team GB.' One thing I noticed was the amount of well-endowed women who were not wearing sports bras. Why would you do that to yourself? It must really hurt., and that is NOT going to help in the long-run. Also apparently Marilyn Monroe used to sleep in a bra because she didn't want tits down to her ankles. I guess we'll never find out whether that one worked.

3) I saw my awesome ex-roommate/housemate Emma Thompson (yes, that is her real name. It's a source of great amusement) t'other day. She looked fabulous. Here is a picture of her.

It was a knitted turquoise jumper with a slate-grey mullet skirt from Zara. It was one of the prettiest skirts I've seen in absolute donkeys' years. She also persuaded me to buy a suede capelet. More on that in another post. But just to warn you- it's fabulous darlings.

4) My friend gave me a thong update today. That may sound very odd and slightly bizarre, but I've been a huge fan of these skimpy little items for a long time. Mostly because I adore obnoxiously tight skirts. Anyway my gorgeous friend Katie has also been wary, and finally tried them out a few months ago. So she wore one today and told me. I'm sure she looked stunning in her thigh-split dress, because she has the longest legs I've ever seen.

5) I found a leather waistcoat. Pretty much identical to how I describe. I'm in love. I'll do a sketch of some of my new purchases. And there are several. Because my paycheck FINALLY came through last week. *cue happy 'we have money' dance.*

6) I've discovered that athletes are pretty hot. Mostly rowers. And cyclists. And swimmers. And athletes... I could keep going on. Where can I find one?

7) One of my favourite moments of this week has been The Mother asking whether 'the One Direction was a fashion trend.' I'm not sure what I think.

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend!


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