Friday, 24 August 2012

That perfect moment...

Apologies for disappearing over the last few weeks, I've been working my backside off and packing for university. I'm also off to Holland tomorrow till Wednesday. But I shall post soon! And properly...

So amid the traumatic time that it is trying to fit an entire room into a few suitcases and attempting to write an article on mens' military fashion, I found a few items of clothing on my hunts that I realise have long been missing in my life. The title relates to that feeling when you find that item and you are rendered absolutely speechless and giggly...

First up...

The Leather Waistcoat

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was looking out for a long leather waistcoat. I looked online for new and used items, but no way was I paying for upwards of £20 for one. Then I went into one of our local charity shops. It's one of my favourites as we've found some absolute TREASURES in there from Aquascutum coats, new camelhair cardigans and butter-soft leather jackets. I found this little number in the Fancy Dress box. Because clearly you would only wear a leather waistcoat as fancy dress... Madness... It was priced at £9, but the mother gave me the go ahead and it happened to be a half price sale on clothing. So hello leather waistcoat. I welcome you into my wardrobe.

The Suede Capelet

This little number I found in a vintage shop in London. I'm aware that it is very Pocahontas. But it is also beyond fabulous. Thick but flexible suede, with fringing. FRINGING! I love a wee bit of fringing, but flapper dresses just look ridiculous, so this is perfect. And despite my friends laughing at me, it looks frickin' AWESOME on.  Natch.

The Stripey Trousers

I've been looking for a pair of striped trousers for a while now, deeming them suitably ridiculous, yet strangely versatile. This bad-boys are from River Island, in the sale of course. And are surprisingly flattering... And so I love them. I feel they look great with an over-sized t-shirt and trainers. This may be incorrect, but I feel great. Isn't that enough? 

That's all folks as I have to attempt to fit five days worth of clothes in a rucksack. I can't pack light. I may have to commit some serious sartorial disasters. I'll fill you all in next week!

Have a superb bank holiday!



  1. Lovely drawings as usual! The combination of the big t-shirt and stripy pants looks interesting and fun but - like you said - versatile. It looks great.
    I love waistcoats, and the buckles on the one in your illustration add great detail. The "Suede Capelet" isn't loading, but oh well, the other drawings are great!

    - Willow

    1. Thanks so much! Ah, that's a shame about the capelet. I'll see if I can fix it! x


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