Wednesday, 19 September 2012

It's been a long time, but I'm back in town...

My blogging this past month has been appalling. The past two and a half weeks have been crazy. A week catching up with the korfers at pre-season, followed by half a week collecting academic children during Freshers' and then a weekend in France with the team. Madness.

Firstly I'm just going to explain the academic children thing. In St Andrews third years adopt freshers to help guide them through their first year at university. This culminates in Raisin Weekend (on the last weekend of October) where the drinking starts in the wee hours of Sunday morning and ends after a shaving foam fight in the Quad noon Monday. It's a crazy weekend when all the locals evacuate the town and anyone not involved stays locked away. I, myself, have eleven children. I went a little mad adopting them, but they are all lovely, despite the fact that it's going to get horrifically expensive trying to inebriate them all...

My weekend in France was due to the first round of the Europa Cup where St Andrews were representing the Scottish Korfball league. We didn't win a game, but we definitely had the best team spirit. And the girls won the kareoke. Which is what counts...

Here are some quick sketches I've knocked up when I've had the time. The beginning of classes this week has meant that I'm constantly reading and researching. But it's so fascinating!

 This girl came out of the seminar before me. She nearly always wears black, but just looks insanely amazing at whatever time of time. Today she was wearing a black jacket with a black mini skirt and platform black ankle boots. The skirt had full length fringing on it, which was fabulous. We all know how much I love fringing. She also always has the neatest black bob.

 This girl is in my seminar group. She is really tiny which made her 1970s style red mini-dress and black cape absolutely adorable. She has a really blunt fringe which is a look I know I could never pull off and therefore admire when someone can. I loved her sequin silver plimsolls as well...

 This is just a quick drawing of what one of my children was wearing at a society meeting yesterday. We all know I appreciate a well-dressed gentleman. He wore a (I think) grey blazer with black scarf, white shirt, red and blue bow-tie and pocket square. Stunning.
This is what I wore to the same society meeting. A grey wrap dress from an Aberdeen charity shop, Aquascutum tweed jacket and camel quilted pumps. And big hair. Naturally. It was a very good night, with free wine and good chat. Not my usual crowd. But fantastic people watching...

This guy sat next to me on the plane. He had lensless glasses. That immediately intrigued me. And when he took off his black leather jacket underneath he has a (barely concealing) grey vest top and vast grey harem pants. It intrigued me to say the least.

I apologise for the excessive writing and the general lack of posts. I'm in the mist of creating a rota of social and academic dates. Cr

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