Saturday, 8 September 2012

What I've learnt in Holland

Thing I’ve learnt in Holland
I’m aware I’ve been away for a while. I returned from Holland a week and a half ago. Since then I’ve returned to uni and spent the last week playing korfball for preseason. I’ll get onto that later...
Just talking about Holland today I decided to write a short post on what I learnt in Holland.
  1.  Always bring a map with you. When travelling in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language you would have thought that would have been a given. We forgot. The first day consisted of a near four hour ride knowing only to ‘head north.’ Thank the Lord most people spoke English.
  2.  Dutch men are a rare breed. They are all flowing blond hair, piercing blue eyes and high cheekbones. They are also very tall. Holland was one of the few places in the world where I felt average height. And they are just beautiful.
  3.  Because bikes are the main form of transport there are cycle lanes everywhere and everyone has amazing legs. If they want to cure the obesity problem in Britain they should get cycle lanes. Or at least improve road surfaces. Also- Holland is not flat. I come from Suffolk. Suffolk is flat.
  4.  On a fashion note white trainers were everywhere! Like ultra clean, sparkly and shiny white trainers. Worn with jeans it looked a little bit awesome, especially as hi-tops. I doubt it’s a look I am going to copy as I am dedicated to my Docs, but if I find a cheap pair I may give it a try...
  5.  The continent often seems to hold onto trends deemed out-dated by the UK, my favourites being mullets and double denim. As I’ve mentioned before I have seen double denim around a lot recently. But what I loved most was that the mullet is still alive and well in Holland. This makes me indescribably happy.

I only have a few sketches as we were cycling most of the time, but there was the odd coffee stop moment...

 This is what I wore one night. Believe me it was a relief to get out of the lycras... It consisted of a pair of white high-waisted jeans from Elizabeth Hospice, my White Lies t-shirt and my Docs. Atop of my head I wore a bandana-esque thing from my godfather. It served the purpose of covering my sweaty hair...

 This was a beautiful tweed suit we saw in a shop window called Oger. Not only does it have a black velvet tie, it also made use of a rather beautiful silk scarf. I also loved the white socks. We didn't go in as I was carrying my massive rucksack, but from outside we could see that it was all wood panelling and beautifully tailored clothes. As we know I love my menswear. And if I was a man this would be my haunt.
We saw this girl whilst in The Hague train station. It was a baking hot day and I felt her look summed up the summer spirit- a yellow tie-dye dress, black studded ankle boots and a belted silver metallic waistcoat. Perfection.

I hope you are enjoying the hot weather in the UK, I'm to celebrate the beginning of Freshers' Week...


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