Friday, 28 September 2012

Winter is coming...

We all love a Game of Thrones reference I'm sure.
Anyways, on the basis of the fact that we have had weird and wonderful weather up here in Fife over the last few days I wanted to do a post on winter coats. Yes I did a post on Autumn in the height of summer and I'm doing the same now. Because I can...

So here are a few coats that I have/want/need...
 This is a want. I love camel, it may be a slightly boring colour but I love its elegance and classic nature. I found a cashmere camel coat a few years back but sadly had a biro explosion so now it is tainted. Aquascutum had a beautiful number a few seasons ago, floor length with that perfect glamorous swish. That's the coat I'll be praying to find in a charity shop sometime soon...

 This is a have. I have this coat back home in Suffolk but sadly, due to slight damage, have had to leave it there. I was given it from a good friend of the family's, a beautiful beaver-lamb, 1950s coat. Bracelet length sleeves and just below waist, it is the perfect fit and is disgustingly warm. It is sensuously soft and has a purple-red sheen to the fur. It is potentially my favourite item of clothing. Or at least in the top five...

 This is another coat I actually own. It was the first ever item I remember buying for myself. A navy wool trench-style coat with an added camel belt, I always feel like I've stepped out of a WW2 period drama whenever I wear it. The belt actually came off the aforementioned cashmere coat, but I love the combination of navy and camel.
This is a want. Everyone needs a red winter coat and I love the contrasting colour-blocking sections. There is a Daks coat similar to this that I am currently lusting over, reversible, red and caooon shaped. I love the idea of a coat which completely drowns me as I'm rarely lucky enough to find a coat with long enough sleeves as it is! This would be my ideal coat for the winter. 21st birthday present anyone?
I think I have mentioned my sheepskin coat before. It's testament to how cold it is up here that I've been wearing it over the past week. Nothing else seems to be working with just the same effect. One of my academic children was raving about it yesterday which made my day. I think I often look like a tramp when I wear it, but it is fabulous, and I love it.

As you can tell this is not coat related. Just that I wore my suede capelet the other day to a house party we held. Despite the bizarre reactions I had when I initially bought it, everyone was so complimentary. It has amazing swish appeal and was so much fun to wear. (Worn with Docs (natch) and a black skater style dress)

I hope you are all having an amazing week, and hey, it's nearly the weekend!



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