Friday, 5 October 2012

Got me some new shoes...

Today was beautiful. St Andrews was shining and despite the fact that it looks spectacular in any weather it looked even better today. So what better way to procrastinate from an essay on Tartan samples (yes that's right) than to hit the charity shops? The shops up here are often extortionately expensive. Why pay £12 for a cotton jumper when you can get it cheaper from H&M?
On my travels I did find some rather marvellous items, but the definite steal of the day were two pairs of men's brogues. Completely leather, tan, barely worn and £17 for the two. I'm in heaven. As I've no doubt mentioned before it is nigh on impossible for me to find shoes due to a wide fit and high arch and so men's are often much better fitting. Also black leather shoes scare me a little. I blame school for that.

First pair are these Italian beauties from Rodi. I love the double layer for the lacings as I can get bruises from laces due to high arches. (Rage)
I'm not entirely sure why the drawing has come out so blotchy. But it has. And that is sad.

 This is a little close up. There are diagonally stitches under the lace holes which makes a really interesting detail. They only cost me £10.50 and considering I wore them all day they were so worth it.

The second pair cost me £6.50. The cashier looked very confused and kept checking to make sure that yes the price was indeed correct. These are English made. Joseph Cheaney? Apparently new they cost near £300. So I ain't complaining. Here is a front a side view...

And a front view.

So hopefully they will let my Docs have a nice rest. Thank you so much Cancer Research!

This is only a short post as I have to get back to the essay. Yay...

Have a great weekend. I'll be stalking Mr Pistorius...


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