Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Grey Days

As always it isn't really a grey day, I just realised that my drawings were all grey based and therefore I felt the title was appropriate. It is in fact quite warm up here, until you're playing korfball outside at 7pm. Ducking freezing.

This girl featured on an earlier post. She's in my seminar group and is always impeccably dressed. Last week she was wearing this beautiful grey cape with a collar and a whacking great bow on the front. She also had black flatform plimsolls on. I just love that she is always so well turned out, wearing something different and something a little quirky...

This is another well-dressed lady in my seminar group. She's about 5'11", very slim and beyond stunning. She also has fabulous style. Last week she was wearing a buttoned-up white shirt, grey sweatshirt with 3/4 length sleeves and black leather-look leggings. I usually hate grey marl with bright colours, but she was wearing acid green jewellery and this massive amber-coloured ring which covered the majority of her fingers. Kinda loved it. Plus her hair is always  perfect. I never understand how people do that.

This is what I wore the other day. The dress is a bracelet length, mini-dress with a grey checked print on it. I say mini-dress, it is not meant to be a mini-dress. My sister bought it when she was about fourteen and no longer wears it so I stole it. It covers my backside.That's all I can ask for. I wore it with black tights and some Kickers heeled boots I bought a few months back. They are so comfortable and have really long laces. The bag is a Billy Bag that I was given for my 16th birthday. It was my first proper handbag, and it is so beautiful. Supple blue leather with a floral lining. Oh and worn with big hair. Obvs.

I wore this to one of my tweed wearing societies the other day. Camel string vest top, with River Island striped pencil skirt and shoe boots. Over the vest top I wore a sheer embellished cream vest top from Primark. I never go to Primark but I just loved it. Worn with big hair and tweed. I actually loved this look so much. Now just want to wear midi-pencil skirts constantly. Going on an Ebay rampage...

I hope you are having a fabulous week. Only three days until the weekend!


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