Wednesday, 3 October 2012

What direction?

I'm just going to put it out there- I have a bit of a soft spot for One Direction. I'd say it is because I love their music, but, as true as that is, we all know that's not the real reason...
One thing I do love about them is their style. (Despite that fact that they probably have a team of stylists throwing striped shirts at them saying 'Wear this darling, it will bring out your eyes, make all women of all ages love you...') The name escapes me but a few weeks back I was watching a vlog where the girl picked up a Breton striped top and proclaimed that she loved it because it reminded her of 1D. Not because of Chanel or whatever.

And so it is that I found myself procrastinating whilst watching pop-videos on youtube. On revisiting 'It's Gotta Be You' I realised it was practically an advert for Jack Wills. All chinos and slim fitting tweeds. To be honest I wasn't complaining.

So here are some sketches...
Oh and to protect my dignity I did have to look up the names...

 Harry (Or the curly-haired one)- I guess it does help that this guy has a good base to work with. Tall, slim, flowing locks etc... but I do love this look on him. The matching greys of the pea-coat and skinny jeans contrast with the burnt orange top and white of the scarf. Plus I'm always a fan of skinnies and clumpy boots.

 Louis (or the one with the dodgy hair)- He always seems to wear braces with high-necked tops. This is an awful look on him. Which is why I prefer it when he wears a navy tweed coat and brown circle-scarf. Much better...

 This the blond one- Niall?- Apparently the Americans love him because he's blond and cute. Apparently. I'm a bit in love with the hoody/tweed jacket look. The high-necked shirt is wonderfully hipster and the mixture of colours is really interesting, especially with the neutral jeans.
This is Zayn. He recently got a lot of stick for getting a blond streak in his quiff, so he dyed it back. Apparently. This amuses me greatly. I'm not sure what I think of this look. I love the plum coat and blue chinos. And, hey, which girl doesn't love a tight white t-shirt (Marlon Brando in Streetcar anyone?) But it's his checked shirt. It is fastened at the top button only. This confuses me. Does anyone in the real world ever actually only fasten their top button? 
On another note- totally loving the leather sports bag. Yes please...

Liam is the one that looks like Harry but doesn't seem to get with women twice his age. I have a lot of time for this outfit if only because I could see it strolling down the St Andrews street and I myself would almost definitely wear a version of this. White polo shirt, blue sweater, tweeeeed and chinos, all bought together with brown workman boots. What's not to love?

So here endeth my 1D appreciation section. 

On another note the Dunhill Links Golf Championship is happening as of tomorrow. Celebrities descend upon our beautiful town to play golf with the professionals. In previous years we've had High Grant and Samuel L Jackson. This year however it's Michael Phelps and Oscar Pistorius. So guess who's celebrity stalking this weekend!

Hope you're having a great week!



  1. This is amazing, your designs are spot on for the band (not that I'm an obsessive, but I also have a soft spot for a couple of their songs!!) x


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