Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Life and times...

Despite hating the phrase 'I'm so uninspired' that is exactly how I'm feeling right now. I'm either reading, writing, training or sleeping these days and so blogging and drawing has had to take a back bench for the past few weeks. That said (and I know I keep saying this) there are some pretty exciting developments going on...

So here are a couple of sketches I've managed since last we met.

 This outfit was a pair of high-waisted white jeans and a cropped t-shirt, teamed with my new brogues and a massive plait. I personally loved this look, my friend said that I looked fashionable because 'it was a strange look and therefore must be fashionable.' As if. Oh well it was fun and having a bare midriff really boosts a girl's confidence.

This guy had a really interesting play on colour and necklines. As I was standing outside the library when I spotted him, I thought the combination of the geek glasses and striped scarf were perfect. I also loved the buttoned up peach coloured shirt and camel cowl-neck.

This must be one of my favourite outfits from the past few months. At St Andrews there are so many Scandinavians, often known by their blond hair and impeccable dress sense. This gentleman was wearing a blue quilted Barbour, a blue shirt, blue chinos and blue shoes. He also wore blue lensed glasses. The complementary colours clashed beautifully with his bright ginger hair. Loved it.
For some more personal style I wore this for a recent 21st- black New Look skater dress and a burnt orange smoking jacket. Fabulous darlings. I also wore my brogues again.I literally cannot get enough of them, they are so beautiful.
I bought this dress a few summers back and other than slobbing at home had yet to venture outside in it. It's a vintage Laura Ashley, sleeveless shirt dress, but the buttons stop at just below crotch level which makes it hard to style. So I manned up and wore it tights, Docs and a messy up-do. The belt is a red, see-through bow by French Connection. I bought it years ago and still love it.

So that's a short post. I shall get back to regular posting soon!


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