Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Black Tie.

Due to it being the Christmas season and all everyday I seem to get invited to a society dinner or a friend's Mulled Wine party. I am in fact meant to be going to one this evening but have a 48 hour exam thing going on so I only planning to leave my room for tea supplies...

Last weekend I had two Christmas dinners- one for my tweed-wearing society and one for the Korfball club. Both were very different experiences with one taking place in one of the nicer restaurants in town and the other being in a pub with my team-mates.

For the first I had a running joke with my friends that I was going to wear the most inappropriate outfit I could think of. We were originally thinking just a black bow-tie, but then genuine plans were made for these two outfits...
 This is a sheer bronze dress with black underwear underneath...
 And your standard white dinner white with black belt and black bow tie. Sadly we deemed neither of them entirely appropriate so I went with this...
 I bought this dress about four years ago from TKMaxx waiting patiently for it to go down in price. It's a vibrant green silk with cotton panelling. It's quite short, but has a slip underneath. Which is a good thing as I forgot to do the zip up for the majority of the evening... I love the loose shape and the vibrant colour. Also, despite it being short, it is amazing to dance in which is always a plus side I feel.
This is one of my favourite dresses.I splashed out a bit when I bought it from Topshop two years ago. It has one cap sleeve and one short sleeve. It is black sheer at the top and has a sheer panel snaking across the chest and down one side. The rest of the dress is blue with heavy black glass beading. It is so beautiful! I wore it with my brown brogues  because I didn't feel like trekking across the cobbled streets (slightly worse for wear) in 5 inch heels.

Currently watching Pretty In Pink. So much love for Duckie...

Hope you're having a great week and not getting too cold!


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