Sunday, 9 December 2012


This afternoon, whilst sitting on my bed, I was talking to my roommate about how annoying it when a style you love suddenly comes into fashion and suddenly EVERYONE is wearing it. For me it was gypsy skirts, 50s corsetting and skinny jeans. Because of this conversation I spent the rest of the day musing over the items I felt were missing from my wardrobe. My current inspirations are the TV show Girls (more on that another time) and just the general Scottish weather.
 Anyway, amongst the list of things I felt I needed in my life were checked high-waisted trousers (preferably in a  navy tartan cashmere...) a new massive coat, general tartan and wool, a new hat, bling and the idea of sporrans as handbags. I've always felt that was a bit inappropriate, but then I fell upon the most recent Chanel show in YouTube. (Here)

It is basically what I want in life. King Karl was supposedly in town a few weeks back and I can only think I was his style inspiration. IT IS BEYOND BEAUTIFUL. And he uses sporrans as handbags. I am sold.
Anyone trying to speak to me right now will realise that I am completely unable to put sentences together due to my extreme love for this collection. It is just a truly beautiful collection; a rich colour palette on luxury fabrics in an Elizabethan/medieval/Game of Thrones amalgamation. 
Because I can't put it into a coherent sentence here are some of the things I am loving about this collection:
  • Flat boots. With woolly socks!
  • Layering- perfect for the cold Scottish weather
  • Knitted layers.
  • BLING. Jewelled headdresses, necklines, earrings, brooches...
  • Dreamy chiffon with heavy knits. Long jumpers over floaty skirts
  • Tartan trousers. 
  • Feather capes, Elizabethan ruffs. Bejewelled chokers. Just some serious neck action.
  • HUGE coats. In navy, white, black, oxblood...
  • Hats- and scarves. The bigger the better.
  • Sporrans as handbags. YES.

I don't usually 'follow trends' but this show was basically everything I ever wanted in my life.
So here are a few outfits I knocked up. In the style of King Karl...

 Big Jumper. Short floaty skirt. Grey patterned tights. Massive rust scarf. 

 Structured black jacket. Big scarf (wrapped around then tied.) Tartan plus-fours. White stockings. Brogues.
I love plus-fours. I have for years though have never really had the calves for them. My mother has a couple of pairs of land-girls breeches that are awesome and the most comfortable things you could ever wear.

Tartan high-waisted trousers. Brogues. Brown jumper. White collar. Sporran Handbag.
 This was a sketch I actually did before watching the show. Crazy stuff. Seriously want these trousers.
 Massive navy coat. Docs. Massive scarf.
I have a huge vintage Laura Ashley duffel back in Suffolk. I am so going to wearing it like this.
Wool pencil skirt. Massive camel cardigan with oxblood lapels and cuffs. Large khaki scarf. Tartan beret. Brogues.
 This is my favourite sketch. As you know I love pencil skirts. And my brogues. I also love massive coats and jackets. I would never take this off if I had it.
Quick sketches. (Clockwise from top left:) Beret with brooch, strings of beads. Slouchy tartan beret. Leather, quilted, sporran handbag. Feather capelet (OMG) with small grey, embellished hat (kinda army style, can't think of the right word.) Grey scarf round hat and neck.

That's me done.

Just watching Joan Armatrading videos because I forgot how unbelievably awesome she is. 

Heading to Barcelona in a few weeks and am trying to plan a rough wardrobe. Any ideas?

I hope you've had a good week!


PS- An a capella group from St Andrews are going for the Christmas No. 1. Felt I should share. They are really good! Thanks!


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