Thursday, 27 December 2012


Spurred on by Christmas gifts and cold nights by the fire watching Gone with the Wind (Love a bit of Rhett Butler) Four Feathers and Sherlock Holmes, I have become a little obsessed with masculine clothing. Next on my list is the Aviator purely for Cate Blanchett as Katherine Hepburn.

The present in question is a beautiful cashmere and wool coat from The Mother. It's a 46" coat and is massive on me. But with a waist-belt it can be cinched into a feminine silhouette. It is also extremely light weight and is not at all bulky. I just swan round the house feeling like a 1930s film goddess.

And from there I came up with some more masculine outfits I want to try out... This one is my old tweed jacket, a neutral vest top, my DAKS camel trousers. Have I mentioned them before? I got them from Absolute Vintage in London. Men's camel trousers- what more could a girl want? Teamed with a  cashmere beanie I made from an old jumper and my brogues.
For months I have been looking for a pair of tartan wool trousers. This was definitely spurred on by the Chanel show, but I just love the tartan patterns and the slouchy fit of men's trousers. So when I returned home and was bemoaning my lack of tartan trousers The Father said I could try on his. They are far too big on me but in a grey, purple, yellow and red print how could a girl resist? I am now entirely in love with them, but The Mother and my older sister says that I can't keep them. I decided that if I can take them back to Scotland I shall be wearing them with a rolled up white shirt.
I can't work out if I like this look at the moment. It consists of black skinnies, brogues, a purple silk shirt, undone cravat and waistcoat. Is it too much? Maybe. I do love a good waistcoat though, I don't feel I wear them nearly enough.
This is actually what my sister wore the other day. A Zara camel blazer with a vintage fur collar, mens white silk shirt, black shorts, tights and lace up knee high boots. I just really loved this look and I loved the subtle masculine tones of the blazer and shirt off set by the hotpants and fur.

This is just for fun. A flowery kimono, metallic obi belt, aforementioned tartan trousers and a neutral top. I think it may be too much, but if I saw someone wearing this it would definitely brighten my day!

I hope you are all having a great holiday and have a fabulous New Year! Off to Barcelona in a week!



  1. Millie... I think that we will have to go shopping when I'm over. Or for you to a sketch of me so I can frame it. I am totally in awe of your drawings and love them! I've set my own blog:
    Check it out!! xxx

  2. hi i thought i was the only one who watched Gone With The Wind on christmas, glad i'm not and yes who doesn't love a little bit of Rhett Butler. Thank you for yuor comment on my blog, my hubby is home and is now doing fine. x

  3. really feels right.
    + join my giveaway and win a coat!


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