Thursday, 13 December 2012


This blog was originally created as a form of procrastination, and, baring in mind my exams are next week, I feel like it is fulfilling its purpose.
Because of general procrastination I have been obsessing over blogs. I am currently loving grav3yardgirl on Youtube because she is generally awesome.
However in the past few weeks I have been loving Nadia Aboulhosn. Her blog is one of those that once you start flicking through the pages you can't stop. And then you reach the beginning. And that is a sad moment.

I love her blog because, not only is she beautiful, but because her style is simple and elegant, but with a twist. The fact that she was recently named one of Complex Magazine's Top 10 Hottest Plus Size Models only demonstrates how amazing she is. She is so inspirational in her fashion sense and just makes me want to wear bra-tops and high-waisted skirts. And get my legs out. And cut my hair short. And to embrace my dark eyebrows. Plus she has a great personality. Ok I may be developing a minor girl crush...

ANYWAY... I did a few drawings of her. Because she be awesome. I'm also not going to say anything else about her because you should just check her out. Basically.

Yay for procrastination.
I hope you're having a good week and are all excited about Christmas. I'm going home next week for the first time since August. Woop...


My previous piece on bloggers is here.


  1. Wow! I'm a Nadia Aboulhosn fan, too. She makes me want to bare my midriff and don high-waisted skirts, yeah!

    This is such a cool blog! Keep on sharing your sketches! I wanna see mooooore! ;)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it!x

  2. Love Nadia and graveyard girl on YT as well!

  3. Love Nadia and graveyard girl on YT as well!

  4. Love your style
    Would love to follow each other via GFC or BLOGLOVIN?


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