Saturday, 2 February 2013


Just a random selection of things. My head has been all over the shop with 21st birthdays, the start of the six nations, lectures and internships so this blog pretty much reflects that...

 This is what I wore to my 21st birthday party on Tuesday. I shared it with my beautiful friend Sarah. It was a great night with far too much alcohol and a trip to the one club in town, The Lizard Lounge. If you are ever in St Andrews check it out. It's disgusting, but the DJ is a Rihanna-obsessed transvestite with amazing legs... I wore this DKNY dress I picked up from TKMaxx years ago. It may have appeared on here before. It's emerald silk with bell-sleeves and cotton panels on the front. So much love.
I wore these shoes. Which may be one of my new loves. From TKMaxx, leather and so comfortable! I think they are originally from Chinese Laundry, but they were cheap and described as 'bangin'.' So I feel they were worth it.

 I've been sketching quite a lot recently. I've had this hideous cold, and so haven't felt like hitting the town or really leaving the house unless I absolutely have to. So yeah... here are two of the most recent ones.
 I haven't drawn portraits in a while, my proportions are so off! Though I am currently loving the idea of laying patterns over sketches.

This is a quick sketch of a bag I found in a charity shop earlier. 1950s tapestry bag with the original silk lining, but the metal was falling apart and the lining was coming away from the embroidery layer. However, despite the clear flaws, they were selling it for £10. Baring in mind it was tiny, is it wrong for me to think that is too much?

I hope you are having a good weekend. I am spending my Saturday on the sofa watching awful television. Loving life...



  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a lovely time!
    Those sketches are gorgeous! Get well soon.


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