Monday, 15 April 2013


I love glasses. Just putting it out there. I have worn them since I was eight, used them as a mask during those awkward puberty years and now I wear them because they magically seem to go with every outfit I own.

I'm lucky that I have one of those faces where glasses just seen to work. Because of this I have a vast, but cheap, sunglasses collection. Mostly bought from H&M and charity shops I just seem to keep finding more that I really like, much to the chagrin of my room-mate...

Also as soon as someone puts on glasses I immediately find them attractive. Clark Kent, Jude Law, Henry Cavill...

So I thought I would dedicate a post to glasses. Woop.

It was these frames that inspired this post. My friend got new glasses recently and I just love them! Deep circular frames in tortoiseshell, I think she described them as 'owl chic.' And that's a style I like.

These are actually my glasses. I got them from Specsavers' mens section (standard.) They are quite similar to the Wayfarer style by Rayban. I love the deep blue colour as I find black too harsh and I already have far too much brown in my wardrobe.

These are one of my team-mates' glasses, whenever I see her wear them I get so excited. The are such a beautiful shade of purple and look so great on her.

Onto the sunglasses... I have a huge sunglasses collection, the light up at St Andrews means that it's just dangerous to go outside without sunglasses. I have walked into lampposts before whilst blinded... I bought pair from H&M for 50p and they were so worth it. A black frame and black lenses, they are practically circular with loads of rhinestones around the frame. Very bling, very fabulous.

I bought these glasses from a charity shop up here. They have a slightly yellow tinted lens and an aviator appearance, bar the lenses are slightly squarer. As much as I love aviators I can't wear them. Everyday this saddens me.

That's a quick look at my love of glasses. I could rave about them all day but I have an exam to revise for...

Sleep well!


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  1. Ah, yes, Jude Law definitely becomes immediately attractive when he puts a pair of glasses on.
    I love glasses (especially 60's and 70's style ones) but unfortunately there's very few that I suit. My sister can wear pretty much any glasses and still look great (she even managed to pull off a john lennon style pair.)

    Beautiful illustrations, I really love the third and fourth.


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