Monday, 13 May 2013


Once again I have spent an age getting round to writing a post. End of year exams, final deadlines and the occasional days of bright sunshine have meant that my drawing has been as an outlet and not so much to document my sartorial musings.

Here is two outfits that I have been wearing a lot recently...

 I am currently living in these shorts. My sister picked them up from H&M a few years back and I just love them. They are very short and floaty, so almost look like a skirt. They also have pockets, so what more could a girl want! I like to counteract them with my Docs, which I am still wearing despite the broken sole... The top is a cream Benetton rugby shirt donated from the Grandmother. It's unbuttons quite far. I am not complaining about that...

I wore this outfit a few weeks back. I threw it on because I fancied something a bit more feminine than my usual Docs and shorts. There were some pretty good reactions from -'This. I like this.' to 'Wow, you actually scrub up quite nicely.' I may have drawn a similar outfit before, but I like it. So oh well. It's a green merino wool jumper, cropped denim jacket with studded collar, a burnt orange calf-length pencil skirt and heeled boots. I am also obsessed with ponytails at the moment. Until it is too windy and it hits me in the face.

Because I have been drawing a lot recently here are a few of my instagram sketches...

 This is based on the photo of the Afghan girl with green eyes...

I hope you are having a great week and, if you have exams, best of luck! And enjoy the sunshine!


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  1. Glad you're getting sunshine over there, enjoy it! I love your drawings, particularly the portraits - they're absolutely gorgeous. Ah, floatly shorts, perfect for summer (and pockets are always a bonus!). Good luck with all your exams, hope they go well. x


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