Monday, 3 June 2013


I'm home at the moment and this weekend I was in Reading and Surrey seeing my sister and friends before I start work up in Scotland for the summer.
My sister, Dorothy (check out her blog here), met me in London on Friday for a museum trip, which sadly failed due to miscommunication. We spent the day swanning round Hyde Park and lying in the sun.
Dorothy text me the day before saying she had just bought a pair of black and white houndstooth vintage trousers.She wore them on Friday and looked fabulous. High-waisted with an ankle-cuff, she wore them with a cropped Topshop t-shirt and deck-shoes. She always looks amazing and knows exactly what fits her. (Apparently she has the same proportions of Beyonce. I'm jealous.) We always seem to stand in contrast with each other because she prefers a simpler colour palette whereas I just throw things on for the overall effect.
 As I've mentioned before I do not do well in hot weather. I burn, I sweat and I get very dehydrated. So this summer I am religiously relying on my kimonos for protection. I wore this one that I picked up from 'The Asian Warehouse' in Norwich with a Gap vest top, Topshop high-waisted hot pants and my Docs. *Dr Marten Update* The leather on mine have completely worn though on the sides! For a brand that is renowned for being hard-wearing I am shocked that they barely lasted two years. I do wear them everyday, but still... I attempted to get some more from Asos, but they were too small sadly.
The bag is a CarpetBag which belongs to my mother. She has a couple but they are treasured items so I am so grateful that she let me borrow it for the weekend.

This is what I wore Saturday evening. My close friend turned 21 and so he had a black-tie garden party at home. It was great seeing everyone from uni down there and I love seeing the boys in their suits and scarves. I wore a Dorothy Perkins number that I picked up last Easter. I had to wear flats as my ankle is still injured from a few months back and I didn't want to risk further damage. That said it was a good call because I didn't sink into the grass and could get my dance on! I went for big hair and a smoky eye to counter the fact that it looked like I was getting married...

In other news, I'm putting a lot of my drawings up on Instagram if you fancy a peruse.

I hope you all have had a good start to the week! I am revising for my theory test so I can finally learn to drive this summer!



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