Friday, 2 August 2013


I've been working in the kids section a bit more recently and so I've been looking at childrenswear a bit more. Some of the children that come in are seriously stylish and so I made a few doodles...

This boy was wearing a navy and white Breton top with a red anchor on the front. He wore it with black, turned up Levis and oxblood Chelsea boots. He must have been about ten, but looked like a mini-hipster.

 We get quite a lot of  customers from the Continent and this French family was just horrifically stylish. The mother was dressed in all black with a sleek blonde bob and the other son was wearing a blazer and bow-tie. This boy was wearing an olive green varsity jacket (and you know I love them) with a brick-red sweater and a denim shirt with blue skinny jeans and red Converse. He also had thick-rimmed round glasses and a wavy side parting.

 The thing which struck me about this girl was that her nails were like mirrors. They were so ridiculously metallic, it was distracting. Her clothes were great as well. I love a bit of double denim, but triple? Is that even allowed? The black skinny jeans with the dark blue jacket and pale denim cropped top worked perfectly. It shouldn't work, but it totally did.

Working in  the kids section you get some absolute blighters, but this girl was so polite and grown-up despite having just turned seven. It was her birthday last week... Her dress was adorable and I really wish they made them in my size! A 1950s style circle dress with a navy sequined head band. It was the colours and print that really appealed to me as stars never look tired as a print and the crimson with the bright turquoise was just sartorial perfection. 

I hope you're all having a good week. I'm enjoying a well-deserved lie-in on my day off, watching Absolutely Fabulous and attempting to get some dissertation research done.


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