Sunday, 29 September 2013


I sprained my ankle last weekend. Because of this I'm on strong medication, I can't train properly and it's too swollen to get into most of my shoes. Despite sitting on my backside most of the time I'm researching a dissertation and trying to run the University Korfball Club. So I haven't really had time to people watch or draw. Just to explain my absence...

Because my ankle is strapped up I don't really fancy showing them to the world. However, wherever I look, people are showing off beautiful ankles with cropped trousers. Here are a few of my favourites...

 I guess I love this look because it's a staple of Karla Deras over at A pair of rolled up 501s with some amazing heels. I like the contrast of the slouchy trousers with sharp heels, or for a more casual look with a pair of beat up trainers or plimsols.

These high-waisted vintage trousers were paired with a white roll neck. The bright pop of colour was a welcome break amongst the standard monochromatic outfits of most Art Historians. They were worn with heeled Chelsea boots which sharpened up the loose form of the trousers.

 We all know I love a good pair of tartan trousers. This girl was wearing a pair that were high-waisted and skin-tight with brown woolen ankle socks and Jeffrey Campbells. She looked like a modern punk

So there is a brief look into the ankle baring styles spotted around St Andrews. I'm off to the library now to research Prostitution... I hope you are all having a great week!

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