Wednesday, 11 September 2013


As normal I've got massively behind in my blog posts. University has started again, korfball training has begun and I'm moving from a very large room to a very small one. And I have a lot of stuff.

In the past few weeks I've seen kilts everywhere. In clearing out my room I found my notes from the 21st Century Kilts set at FS2013, which were amazing, but I also went to London with the sisters and they were popular as a fashion item. I never understood the appeal of kilts before coming to St Andrews, but I definitely think I've been converted...

My sister text me the other day that she saw a guy in a t-shirt, snapback, kilt and Docs. He sounds like my kind of man... So here is my sketch. I really like the idea of a simple black t-shirt with a kilt as it makes it more casual, plus if you have the physique it's a great way to show of good shoulders and legs.

I've been watching a lot of Secret Diary of a Call Girl and I just love the character of Byron. His wardrobe is almost entirely Vivienne Westwood, but it's his wedding outfit that I love. It's a traditioal kilt, with a white tailcoat, white vest and Doc Martens. Plus his standard black eye-make up. Whoever did his costume deserves a medal.

I saw  this guy in London a few weeks back. He wore a black polo-neck and leather kilt with a khaki tweed jacket and black Doc Martens. I just really liked the simple colour combinations.

So there is the small post on my general appreciation for a casual kilt.

I hope you're having a great week, I'm doing my best to avoid the freshers!


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