Wednesday, 2 October 2013


I keep making a vow to myself to wear more jewellery. It's not through a lack of pieces. I have a lot and some of it is really quite exceptional. However when you play sport most days it becomes easy to forget to accessorise.
I recently created a jewellery wall in my room because I have very little space for storage. Because of this I've been wearing earrings more often.

My key problem with jewellery is that I don't see the point in wearing it unless it is obvious and garish. I have large facial features and my love of massive hair is a known fact. Therefore smaller or delicate earrings tend to get lost.

Here are some of my favourite pieces at the moment...

Diamante chandelier earrings...
 Overlapping gold fans which reach my shoulders.
 A bizarre concoction of metallic shards and plastic baubles.
Increasing metallic discs. The largest is near 8cm in circumferance.

They are all from either Topshop or H&M are definitely fall on the deliciously tacky end of the jewellery spectrum. Because of this they have the ability to either sharpen by a baggy jumper and jeans or cheapen a smart dress.

I hope you are having a good week. I'm trying to get my dissertation reading sorted before heading out tonight. This is clearly a procrastination post...


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