Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Writing this blog comes as a welcome break from my dissertation reading. I'm doing it on William Hogarth's portrayal of prostitution in 18th century London. Sure it's fascinating but it gets quite heavy sometimes.

Since seeing Minnie of The Stylish Wanderer's  fabulous red gingham crop top and skirt set I've been loving the idea of wearing an entirely matching outfit, either in print or colour. I also saw two characters today who inspired me to write a post up about it.

There's The Stylish Wanderer. She has a really great laid-back style and looks like a modern Dorothy from Oz in this.
This guy lives in one of the local Halls of Residence here in St Andrews. From conversations my friends have had with him he is a little obsessed with 19th century fashion. I always see him walking around town dressed like someone out of a Jane Austen production. I've included him in this post because the outfit he wore this morning was based entirely around a red and blue palette with the red waistcoat perfectly matching the cuffs of his jacket. Oh, and he was wearing a navy boater. More than anything I love his dedication to his own personal style.

 On seeing this woman I had the realisation that, despite considering myself plus-size, my illustrations usually consist of slimmer figures. I mean to rectify this. This wonderful lady was probably a size 20 and was rocking a high-waisted red velvet pencil skirt and matching cape. That's right a matching red velvet cape. She looked like a real-life modern-day Joan Holloway from Mad Men. And I totally loved it.

I have 9am lectures on Tuesdays. As an arts student this is foreign to me and my aim is to always just wear the most comfortable thing without actually turning up in the nude. So I did the next best thing- I went in my pyjamas. Vintage mens silk pyjamas, but pyjamas nonetheless. I was feeling all kinds of fabulous until I saw a friend on the walk home who literally shook his head, called me ridiculous and walked off. I didn't care, I went straight back to bed.

I hope you have all had a great start to the week!


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