Tuesday, 29 October 2013


This post hasn't really got anything to do with smoking, other than that all these characters were spotted whilst they were have a cheeky fag. Annoyingly my pens ran out earlier in the week due to other projects so my rush to Rymans resulting me purchasing pens that leak when wet. So apologies for the quality...
This gentleman was leaning against the wall of one of the bars in town. He was probably early 40s about 6'3" and gorgeous. He was wearing a beautifully tailored, slim-lined, navy suit with a skinny tie and white shirt. The bright red of his socks really stood out in mostly blue ensemble. His slicked-back steel grey hair and turned-up collar just finished off the look. It was a perfectly formed ensemble.

I saw this girl a few weeks ago whilst I was running to training and kept on forgetting to get her down in paint.I loved her look because, unlike the autumnal tendency to wear dark colours she was distinctly pastel. From her pink beret and brogues to her white ribbed tights she just looked adorable. but the belted leopard print coat and her lit cigarette changed the whole vibe of the outfit into some more grown up and almost theatrical. 

 I've always been a fan of glossy black hair cut into a blunt fringe. Teamed with her black opaque tights and heeled ankle boots they framed a fluffy ombre coat. Bright white at the top and Schiaparelli pink at the bottom it was wonderful. I have to say I'm a little jealous.

I'm in the middle of sketching the models for FS2014. They are all stunningly beautiful, it's a hard life staring at male models all day...
I hope you are all having a wonderful week and that the storm didn't affect you all too badly.


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