Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Apologies for the lack of posts in recent weeks. Fourth year is taking its toll as work, applications and commitments take over every waking hour. The FS2014 project I mentioned before is a lot of work, but I guess I can't complain when I stare at beautiful art all day and draw beautiful models all night. I'll be putting the odd picture up on my Instagram (left-hand side of the screen...)

Here are a few drawings of what I've been wearing these past few weeks...

I wore this to my housemate's birthday party the other day. A good friend said I looked like the Queen of Sheba because of my (slightly) extravagant Topshop earrings. The dress was a £8 steal also from Topshop. I think it may have featured before... The only annoying feature is the sleeves have a habit of falling off my shoulders so I may have flashed several guests accidentally...

I wore this to another friend's party last week. The dress code was shirts and dresses, so I went for a trusty New Look black skater dress with a H&M kimono and vintage brogues. I took a note out of Lorde's beauty book. (Check her out on YouTube. She's great.) A dark red lip and no eye makeup is 
 my favourite look at the moment. The clutch bag was £3 for Peacocks and never fails to get a lot of compliments.
As some of you may have seen on Twitter I bought some new Docs over the summer. They are navy  1460s, but I managed to lose one for a few weeks so haven't properly broken them in yet. So I'm currently wearing them with kilt socks to stretch them out a bit. I wore this today to class. Just a simple merino forest green jumper with red Topshop hotpants and my giant cashmere coat. i'm currently loving massive ponytails so that was also thrown on top.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week. I'm just loving the cold that is Scotland right now.


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