Friday, 31 January 2014


When I was home over the break I did a lot of charity shop shopping. Mostly because there is literally nothing else to do in Suffolk and also because it makes for a good break from working. Whenever I'm home the first thing that is usually said is 'Oh you have to see this great xyz that I bought from Sue Ryder/EACH/Oxfam/Cancer Research.'
 A particularly lucrative day out was a trip to Diss for the auction followed by a cheeky browse of the shops. I managed to pick up a 1940s herringbone tweed suit for The Boy which was my big find as well as a 1966 copy of the Hobbit to replace the battered family edition and a crocodile skin handbag. Dorothy had a really good run with a £6 cherry red wool coat and a silk Austen Reed dress for a steal.

Here are some of the other things we found.

 I didn't buy this dress but it was definitely a 'I want it because I like the idea of it...' It was a 1980s cotton velvet dress with a low back and a massive polka-dot bow.

 Similarly I didn't get this one either but I constantly regret it. It was tiny so I would never have worn it, but the sleeves and collar was heavily gemmed which contrasted with the skater skirt. It looked like an ice-skating dress and had a very whimsical feel about it.

 Dorothy bought this item- a tweed Parisian trouser suit. The trousers are high-waisted and slightly cropped, but the jacket has colourless sequins sewn across the material. Though it doesn't glitter it gives a slight shimmer to the fabric which is a definite twist on your standard trouser suit.

I wore this yesterday to have drinks with a friend. I teamed my navy cashmere with a pair of Zara gold jeans that I picked up a few years ago. I haven't worn them in a while, but I've missed the dull gold colour and slightly cropped shape. I teamed them with a silk-scarf turban and my trusty sheepskin.

I hope you're all having a great week. I'm just waiting for all my essays to kick in...


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