Friday, 14 March 2014


So I managed to forget my keys the other day which resulted in me sitting on my front step in the glorious Scottish sunshine (honestly, it was beautiful.) I decided to make a few sketches of what people were wearing in my tutorial that morning. I didn't colour them because I think it would have ruined the pen-work.

I wore a multicoloured H&M kimono, with a sky-blue Gap linen shirt and fringed TopShop necklace. It was beautifully sunny out so I wanted to wear something to suit. We're studying Klimt at the moment and I think it may have affected my poses more than I realised.
This girl in my class always turns up to 10am tutorials with a full face of make-up, which I admire as I often barely have time to shower after early morning training. I love that her outfit was entirely black, but heavily textured. She paired a slouchy grey tee with a chunky shearling gilet and minute black Levi hot pants. 

One of my friends wore this last week with a variation this week. It's a black, textured, full circle skirt from H&M. I love that she paired it with a mint t-shirt in the same texture. This week she wore the skirt with a simple grey t-shirt. It shows how versatile the shape is and I liked how she paired the textures in block colours.

A few weeks back I mentioned that I had written an article for FashionVent. Bizarrely they chose to not use the sketch I provided (you'd think if you ask a fashion illustration blogger...) so here it is.

I hope you are all having a great week. I'm having a dissertation break to get some sketching done.



  1. Unfortunate to forget your keys - but it resulted in some beautiful sketches! Sitting in glorious sunshine and sketching...ah, sounds idyllic.
    I love that last sketch, so odd that they didn't use it.

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog and the twitter share is much appreciated!

    1. Soaking up the rare Scottish sun :) Always love your comments, and honestly anytime with the Twitter share. It was a seriously great post1x

  2. I love your art and I'm in love with your blog :3

    Let's follow each other?
    Let me know <3

  3. Okay, I'm following you right now. :) I hope you'll follow back :)))


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