Thursday, 12 June 2014


Two posts in a row may be a rarity for me but, unlike most bloggers, I rarely plan blogs and instead post when the inspiration takes me...

Yesterday while scrolling through Instagram I rediscovered Fashion Kids, a wonderful collective of the most stylish children on the web. I was never this stylish as a child, hell I'm not even this stylish now.

Here's a few of my favourites.

This is a perfect festival look- the fringed bag, the messy braid, the crochet. It's very Vanessa Hudgens. And I have serious hair envy.
This is a summery look I'm definitely going to try to emulate. I love the fringed boots mixed with the fringed bag and hair braid, but all on a neutral base. It stops the look from becoming too costumey.

Black skater skirt, knee highs and a plaid shirt? So simple and a look that echoes some of the most seasoned bloggers.
 @luisafere & @gavinduh
I feel that these two would be right at home on the streets of St Andrews. Smart separates and beautiful tailoring, I'm loving the combat boots and skinny tie combo.
This look is so timeless and would be just at home on an elderly married couple as it does on this pair of twins. I love her spotty orange coat with the tweed underneath and I love his layered blacks and blues.
I love the monochrome highlighted by the splashes of burgundy. The necktie is such a fantastic detail.
I genuinely wish I looked even an iota as cool as she does. Between the customised band t-shirt, the black beanie and the knee highs I actually can't get over how awesome she looks.
If I could wear dungarees I would wear this everyday as my appreciation for striped shirts with denim and a top knot knows no bounds...
I love how the all blue palette is broken up by splashes on colour in the trousers and the shirt. Now I've always loved a coloured trouser (see here) and the burnt orange is a great twist on the standard red.

I hope you're all having a good day.


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