Tuesday, 17 June 2014


In two weeks time I will be leaving St Andrews behind. It's a very scary concept because, as bored as I can get of this tiny town, in the past four years I have spent more time here than anywhere else. Fondly known as the Bubble, it's very easy to become completely unaware of the outside world and, as exciting as change can be, it comes hand in hand with stress and worry about the future. It's very hard to get your head round...

A few days ago I was contacted by Raise.com to write a piece of my favourite summer pieces. Raise.com are a gift-card marketplace that allows you to sell unwanted gift-cards, but also to buy them at a discounted price. As a broke graduate I'm always looking for ways to save money and gift-cards are a fantastic idea if you have a tricky friend to buy for.* They're running an interactive campaign called 'Closet Swap' to showcase how bloggers transition their own personal style through from Spring to Summer. The campaign will be running until June 20th, so if you want to get involved now is your chance!

Because I did a summer post a few days back a friend (hey Emma...) suggested I write about a piece that has long been in my wardrobe, but that is also at the forefront of fashion today- The Kimono.

Seen across the high-street in New Look, River Island, Boohoo and Asos, Literally meaning 'a thing to wear' in traditional Japanese costume they have come to mean a t-shaped, full-length garment which is tied at the back by an obi. However in fashion today they can be a variety of lengths, fabrics and colours and are extremely versatile.

I personally enjoy wearing them for a variety of reasons. Firstly, they are an easy layer to throw on if it's too hot for a jacket but you still need a little coverage. Secondly, there is something wonderfully flamboyant about a kimono, especially a full-length one. And finally they have the ability to transform an otherwise dull outfit.

 The kimono in question here belongs to the aforementioned Emma who was wondering how to style it. It's sheer black with a velvet floral overlay and tassels, which sounds like the very epitome of opulence. To balance out the kimono I would wear an all black outfit- high-waisted denim shorts, a black cropped top and black Chelsea boots.

 This particular kimono has featured several times on this blog and remains one of my favourite pieces in my ever expanding wardrobe. It's a thick cotton so is cool to wear in the heat and stops me from burning. Due to its length it is perfect for throwing over a smart dress in the evenings, or for just bumming round town. I like to wear it with a simple base, like jeans and a t-shirt, but with a hideous amount of beaded necklaces that I've picked up over the years layered on top.

Whereas I'd usually recommend a sleek silhouette beneath the volume of a kimono there are always exceptions. This short kimono I picked up from H&M last year is the same length as my black skater dress and I love to belt it to emphasise the swish of the skirt. Make sure your kimono of choice has enough fabric as this could constrict otherwise.

I love the drama of a kimono. In this outfit the bright pink of the silk kimono contrasts with the rigid and perhaps conservative stripes of the dress.

The kimono is virtually weightless and so is ideal for summer layering if you don't want to live in vest tops and shorts.

I hope you're all having a good start to the week and enjoying the current heatwave...


*This post is inspired by the Raise.com 'Closet Swap' interactive movement. This company is only available in the States (despite living in the depths of Scotland I do have a few Stateside readers), but I hope they consider expanding to the UK soon... Naturally I am yet to try them out due to this but the reviews online are favourable and I think it is a fabulous idea... Though this is the first collaboration post I have done, I feel that marketing through the blogosphere is an innovative way  to advertise as recommendations are a key incentive in deciding to purchase a previously untested item.


  1. absoultely love it! are you studying fashion illustration or sth?

    1. Thanks! I studied Art History at university and just do illustrations in my spare time and occasionally freelance, entirely untrained. x


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