Wednesday, 13 August 2014


I have no excuses for my month long absence. I wish I could say that I've been working hard, or travelling the world, or simply learning a new hobby. As it stands I have been at home most days, sorting through a collection of magazines stockpiled since 2005 and enjoying doing literally nothing, while baking in the crazy heat wave we saw in the last month. Bizarrely I have lost all desire to paint, draw or play the piano so haven't posted because I have just lost interest. I blame the hot weather and, through inadvertent weight-loss, none of my clothes fit as they used to. I have spent the last month avoiding all situations that will involve more layers than shorts and a vest top and therefore have had nothing interesting to show you.

In two weeks I'll be packing my bags and moving to London for the foreseeable future to start an internship, which is a little terrifying, but hopefully I'll be able to keep the blog going, probably with a more corporate theme...

Anyway the title of this post relates to the YouTube tag #NiftyThrifty which is used to describe your best thrifting experiences through a series of headings. I love watching Thrift Hauls (check out Salamanda, Veronica Anne and Thrift Thick) so I thought I'd transfer the tag across from YouTube to Blogspot... (For UK readers, thrifting is the equivalent of charity shops.)

The most expensive item bought from a charity shop.
I bought these DAKS camel wool trousers several years ago for £30 which is a ridiculous amount to spend on an item that I hadn't even tried on. They are a very soft wool and in pristine condition. Luckily I now fit into them so they'll be perfect for my working winter wardrobe.

Least expensive/best deal

The least expensive item I've picked up from a charity shop is this string of jet beads for 20p. Apparently the shop keeper thought they were plastic. I have several strings of jet beads so I appreciated the addition to my collection. The jacket is a recent purchase and I'm considering it one for the best deals I've found. It's a 100% cashmere blazer that was discounted to £2 for unknown reasons. It fits a dream and is the perfect lightweight blazer for my new life in London.

Favourite Item
 The best thing I've ever found is this 1970s cashmere coat in mint condition. To justify the £20, I originally bought it for my sister who (sadly) was too small for it. Several years ago it got covered by a biro explosion and was confined to the back of my wardrobe. That was until my wonderful mother managed to remove the stains. Six years later it still fits me perfectly.

Most regretted
I don't actually have an image of the most regretted item I ever bought because I genuinely can't think of one. I rarely spend over £5 on an item unless I think it's really special, so it's hard to regret something that only cost me a couple of pounds max.

Favourite Charity Shop
No one from Stowmarket reads this blog, however my favourite charity shop is Elizabeth Hospice in Stowmarket. I rarely come out without something as the prices are incredible. Unlike most charity shops where prices are often dearer than the high street, you will be hard-pressed to find something above £5. Just last week I found a pair of leather loafers for £2, you can't really complain about that.

Weirdest item
Once again I have no picture, but there was definitely a time when I bought a PG tips tea cosy and then proceeded to wear it round town...

Most worn
The most worn item I own is, without a doubt, the massive camel jumper I bought for £1 a few years ago. I've worn it so much that it has lost all elasticity, yet it maintains the perfect slouchy fit. 

Longest owned item
The navy M&S coat was the first item I ever bought with my own money while out shopping with my mother. Which may sound like a strange memory, but I always think of it when I wear this coat. I like to wear it with a brown leather belt taken from The Mother's collection.

The final theme is your favourite thrifted trend. For me, can it be anything other than heritage? It's a trend that returns year on year and that rarely looks dated and allows for incredible quality at a low price. As you can see from reading my blog I often pick up silk shirts, cashmere jumpers and tweed jackets for minimal cost to suit my own personal style. I'm currently planning a blog on thrifting the trend if anyone is interested...

I know this blog post is a bit of a movement from the norm, I just need to get back into my groove. I also need to stop buying camel pieces apparently...

I hope you are all having a wonderful week and are enjoying the final few weeks of summer.



  1. These are some wonderful finds! Those wool camel trousers must have been worth the money, they look so gorgeous!

    I hope you're enjoying your internship. xx


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