Wednesday, 19 November 2014


A few weeks back I got asked if I wanted to contribute to Weddington Way's 'November Style Challenge.' I'm usually quite wary about these kind of posts as far too often people are surprised when I come out with an illustration instead of a photo, or indeed change my illustration for their own misrepresenting image.

Anyway the 'November Style Challenge' involved choosing a dress from Weddington Way's vast selection of dresses and creating a weekend style.

Of course there were challenges. Firstly, I don't really go out on weekends, and would much rather be curled by with Sex and the City in my pyjamas than putting on a floor length dress. Secondly, I am insanely picky about textiles. So after spending a good 20 minutes searching through the 1000+ dresses, I decided to choose the cotton textile option and came up with the Watters Daffodil in a navy cotton voile. Perfect, not too shiny and in my standard navy.

I liked the slight ruffle on the bust as it complements the swishing movement of the skirt wonderfully. I decided to team it with a blue patent leather, studded waist-belt, my navy Doc Martens and a vintage fur coat. The shocking pink lip contrasts the relatively neutral hue and the brown clutch carries your make-up for touch-ups. With the ruffles on the neckline, a high bun keeps the chest area uncomplicated.

So hey, there you go. It was quite fun, and definitely a challenge. There are some seriously gorgeous dresses on the site and some of the shorter styles are really versatile. They currently have a gorgeous green number on the first page...

I hope you're all having a wonderful week. I'm looking forwards to heading home this weekend and cuddling my dogs...


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